Senior Technical Support Engineer

VMware, Inc. Broomfield, CO
Senior Technical Support Engineer

As a Technical Support Engineer you will be providing support to customers, using VMware products, in isolating, diagnosing, reproducing and fixing technical issues in a timely manner. To be successful in this role, you must be a motivated self-starter and self-learner, possess strong customer service and technical problem solving skills; and be someone who embraces challenges.

Technical Competency Requirements:

* Expected to be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in at least one VMware Product within 9-12 Months of completing onboarding training.

* Ability to deliver a consistent experience with high quality and effectiveness with minimal managerial oversight.

* Leading on authoring KB – high value on knowledge sharing.

* Participation in mentoring, new hire events, and delivering technical training.

* Capable of researching newly discovered issues.

Business Competency Requirements:

* Exhibits EPIC2 values

* Achieve VCP certification

* Ability to understand the business impact, to the customer, regarding the technical investigations/conclusions

* Successfully able to prioritize work demands.

* Available for on0call or after-hour rotations, with prior notice.

* Adaptive to changes driven by customer demands or business requirements.

Key Values:

* Technical Aptitude – A TSE 2 is expected to have an above average technical understanding of their given SME and problems faced by VMware's customers. Moving towards advanced troubleshooting methodologies and better understanding of product depth.

* Collaboration – Demonstrates a willingness to assist others. Effectively contributes and utilizes internal resources (backlog, social cast, KB, PR, and chat groups). Positively contributes to team meetings and projects.

* Attitude – It is essential TSE's at this level to maintain a positive attitude in the face of challenges. A TSE2 will look for solutions to problems. Actions constructive criticism. They place a premium on ensuring the customer is getting the solution they need, rather than simply "fixing the problem". Demonstrates an ability to adapt to business ever-changing environment with a positive attitude.


Trusted Technically

* The TSE demonstrates an understanding of standard technical support processes

[ ]Complete self-paced case management class

[ ]Maintain QA score average at or above 85%

Personal Accountability

* The TSE demonstrates an ability to communicate clearly with peers, supervisors, and customers.

* * Independently drive assigned tasks to completion, with limited managerial guidance.

[ ]Peers – Recognized by peers for participating in team discussions.

[ ]Supervisors – Drives career goal discussions during one-on-one meetings; integrates supervisor feedback to improve performance.

[ ]Customers – Communicates proactively, drives case resolution, adheres to agreed timelines, and creating confidence in the support process.

[ ]Proactively communicating with their manager in regards to areas they are interested in growing in.

[ ]Successfully able to prioritize work demands – idle time, case closures, project involvement.

[ ]* Positive attitude when asked to take on new task

Positive Team Visibility

* The TSE demonstrates an ability to manage time efficiently, balancing competing priorities.

* *Demonstrates a positive interest in helping clarify opportunities that can improve GS.

[ ]Meets or exceeds initial target response goal of 98%.

[ ]Attends scheduled team meetings and scheduled one-on-one discussions.

[ ]Keeps leadership informed of upcoming personal commitments/scheduled events that could conflict with normal working hours.

[ ]*Adaptively and flexibly insert special tasks and projects into their daily activities.

[ ]Will approach leadership with observations/recommendations regarding possible improvements.

Documentation Training Career Development Team Culture Case Notes/Case Management

Leaders for our Customer's

* The TSE works with team members to meet individual and team goals

[ ]Shares technical knowledge as demonstrated by contributing to VMware's Knowledge Base.

[ ]Participates in Social cast SME group discussions.

[ ]Follows standards for Assist Request and Problem Report templates.

Team Contributor's

[ ]Proactively creates and shares training on products with their team in areas where they see a need.

[ ]Create knowledge content for use by other staff and shares regularly

Team First Mentality

[ ]Collaboratively works with and supports other team members.

[ ]Positively supports the team with encouragement and assistance.