Lead Nurse/Supervisor
 Brooklyn, NY


Direct coordination of the provision of appropriate, timely integrated and continuous health services to foster children within the medical department, including the overall functioning of a medical clinic.


  1. Formalizes a standardized system for medical department utilizing clinical indicators as a measurement of program effectiveness.
  2. Ensures the criteria are met for the implementation of appropriate health care plans by determining those priorities that should be used in the developing of health plans.
  3. Ensures that staff is adhering to the mechanism for the reporting of information and the provision of follow-up services.
  4. Advises on the physical and developmental assessments of new admissions to ensure early detection and referrals.
  5. Advises staff and foster parents on the care of children with special needs.
  6. Consults with medical and mental health providers on all aspects of services being provided.
  7. Researches and updates listing of community medical resources for children and families.
  8. Provides consultation on emergency issues; clarification of agency policy/procedures and other regulatory guidelines.
  9. Attends departmental meetings and communicates with staff about pertinent issues.
  10. Provides preventive health care education to children, foster parents, birth parents and staff.
  11. Liaison to Social Services staff.
  12. Supervises nurse care managers, clinic coordinators and medical assistants.
  13. Supervises staff in
    1. Proper completion and processing of bills:
    2. Record keeping, filing and typing
    3. Ordering and maintaining an inventory of supplies and equipment
    4. Requesting medical reports

All other clerical responsibilities



Nurse currently licensed by the New York State Education Department

BSN (preferred)

Minimum of

three years Pediatric Nursing and/or Community health with Supervisor/Head

Nurse experience