Housekeeper - EOA #2018-79

State of New York Bronx, NY
Minimum Qualifications • Applicants must be physically able to perform the tasks of the

position and to communicate orally and in

writing to exchange information.


As working supervisors, housekeepers perform a variety of custodial and housekeeping tasks, including requisitioning linens and household supplies and cleaning buildings or areas of large buildings in State facilities. Housekeepers supervise lower-level cleaning staff.


Performs a variety of cleaning and care tasks including, but not limited to, the following:

* Picks up and removes hazardous articles which may be on floors,

furniture, and equipment and places them in designated

receptacles or in appropriate places.

* Using mops, brushes, and other cleaning implements, washes

floors, corridors, stairwells, walls, partitions, and windows from

the inside of buildings.

* Using manual and/or mechanical equipment, vacuums and waxes

floors and shampoos carpets.

* Using hand-operated equipment and detergents, scrubs and

cleans lavatories.

* Using appropriate equipment, such as ladders, washes light

fixtures and replaces light bulbs.

* Polishes wood and metal fixtures and equipment.

* Supervises lower-level custodial personnel in the cleaning and

care of an assigned area:

* Assigns specific tasks and gives instructions to custodial


* Provides assistance in resolving work problems and reviews work

while in progress and upon completion.

* Reviews time and accrual records of subordinate cleaners.

* Evaluates employee performance, noting problems and

suggesting improvements.

* Requisitions and dispenses linens, household supplies, and

equipment, maintains appropriate inventories.

* Reports need for building repairs and recommends to superior the

repair and replacement of furniture, building fixtures, and

household equipment.


* Working knowledge of the properties of various cleaning


* Working knowledge of household supply requisitioning and

inventory practices and techniques.

* Basic knowledge of the principles of supervision.

* Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.

* Ability to use various cleaning equipment and products.

* Ability to recognize the need for building and household repairs.

* Ability to maintain appropriate household inventories.

* Ability to stoop, bend, stretch, and stand for long periods of time.

* Ability to perform manual labor requiring frequent medium and

occasional heavy effort.

* Ability to communicate orally to exchange information.

* Ability to supervise a small staff.

* Valid NYS Driver's License.

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