City of Broken Arrow, OK
 Broken Arrow, OK

Job Description

Under general supervision, completes the processing, supervision, and care of inmates.

Essential Job Functions

  • Completes the booking of inmates.
  • Prepares reports to document arrest information.
  • Fingerprints, photographs, and searches prisoners.
  • Completes and maintains records of prisoners' possessions.
  • Completes daily activity logs of intakes, releases, and transports.
  • Provides information to prisoners and their family members; explains procedures and verifies prisoner status, both over the phone and in person.
  • Reviews commitment orders of new inmates.
  • Rides with officers to help with security during transports to Tulsa County and Wagoner County jails.
  • Communicates with court officials to ensure availability of inmates for trial, probable cause hearings, and arraignment dates.
  • Communicates with other law enforcement agencies regarding inmate warrants, and pick-up status.
  • Monitors arrest blotter using computer-based information.
  • Provides inmates with hygiene items upon booking.
  • Searches inmates for drugs and weapons upon entry to the jail.
  • Performs routine patrols to maintain security of the jail.
  • Completes regular visual inspections of inmates.
  • Settles disputes between inmates.
  • Places combative or self-harming inmates in restraint chair and performs 15 minute restraint checks.
  • Subdues combative inmates using varying degrees of force in accordance with Broken Arrow Police Department policy.
  • Contacts EMS and fills out Medical Forms for inmates who are in need of immediate medical attention.
  • Performs basic first aid functions, such as covering wounds and distributing inmate medication.
  • Operates the Master Control Board to open doors throughout the jail and maintain contact with inmates via speaker systems.
  • Stores food purchased for inmates in accordance with FIFO methods and distributes inmate meals.
  • Releases inmates from the facility.
  • Issues inmate uniforms; maintains inmate laundry.
  • Transfers inmates to and from visitation rooms.
  • Maintains composure in violent and stressful situations to assure safety for inmates and staff.
  • Provides security while allowing inmates to perform trustee duties such as cleaning and folding laundry.
  • Performs general maintenance activities.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.

Minimum Education and Experience

Requires a High School Diploma or GED equivalent, supplemented by one to two years of related experience; or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience that provides the required knowledge, skills and abilities. Possession of CPR and Basic First Aid Certifications. Completion of Defensive Tactics Certification.