Sr. Credit Underwriter, PCLC

People's United Bank Bridgeport, CT
Job Description

This position is responsible for performing preliminary screening, advisement, underwriting and approving larger and more complex loan and lease requests. In addition, this position advises on deal size and structure based on customer strength and collateral coverage.

Works on more complex loans and transactions where total exposure to the organization is more than two-million dollars. Performs spreads of financial statements, prepares debt service overlays, initiates appraisals, obtains references and checks related names to ensure regulatory compliance.

Analyzes complex financial information, including trends, cash flow and key risks, collateral and other related information. Obtains additional information as needed. Responds to and resolves issues from internal and external customers regarding all aspects of underwriting and processing, in a professional, accurate and timely manner. Prepares written credit presentations. Underwrites, approves and recommends transactions for final approval sign off.

Informs appropriate areas of all approved deals for loan document preparation. Assists authorized signing authorities in negotiating standard documents with customers and their attorneys as needed. Reviews final documentation to ensure compliance with approved structure.

Continually develops and maintains specialized knowledge of underwriting. Keeps informed of industry trends and developments. Maintains knowledge of all products/services offered and has a comprehensive understanding of the benefits of each product. Utilizes knowledge of leasing concepts and related policies, procedures and techniques to provide technical support to sales representatives.

Researches industry data. Prepares and maintains files on all equipment vendors and approved appraisers and brokers. Maintains database file on all equipment appraisals completed for the area.

Provides Portfolio Administration area with approved presentations to ensure ongoing covenant compliance. Identifies material adverse changes and recommends appropriate action.

Adheres to compliance procedures and internal/operational risk controls in accordance with any and all applicable regulatory standards, requirements, and policies.

Employment Type

Full Time

Job Requirements

College degree or equivalent work experience required.

Excellent written, verbal and presentation skills are needed to communicate effectively with internal staff and external customers.

Comprehensive knowledge of credit policy and procedures.

Theoretical and practical knowledge of all aspects of equipment leasing industries.

Strong research and analysis skills to make sound decisions focus on relevant issues and influence lending issues.

Strong ability to evaluate and quantify the risk/financial impact of the issues involved.

Excellent PC skills including word processing, spreadsheets and standard industry software. Ability to learn to use specific programs as required.

Ability to manage multiple priorities effectively.

Ability to work well with team and share knowledge and skills.