Transition Coordinator
 Briarwood, NY

· Provide transition services to all students.

· Develop Individual Transition Plans with students, parents and Treatment Team.

· Develop Long Term Adult Outcomes, goals and objective for transition components of IEP.

· Coordinates with schools and local resources to provide vocational opportunities.

· Develop post-secondary linkages.

· Plan and conduct individual interviews, workshops and lessons with parents and students.

· Insure that transition students participate in the Career Preparation Continuum.

· Maintain and develop new student driven Level I-Level IV activities as listed in the school’s Career Preparation Continuum and Work-Site Report.

· Maintain ongoing student data and prepare periodic reports, disseminate information to teachers and administrators.

· Create and maintain C-DOS folders for all students.

· Arrange agency, school, and industry visitations for students and parents for post-secondary planning.

· Encourage students and parents to participate in the transition process.

· Track and follow up on students’ progression in the transition plan.

· Maintain contact with VESID and assist VESID counselor on the school visits.

· Refer transitioning students to Vocational Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID) and other agencies jobs and programs as outlined in the student’s transition plan.

· Conduct student exit summaries for graduates.

· Serve as a resource to Instructional Support and General Education Staff, present in-service training.

· Attend staff development sessions and meetings with Region Transition Coordinator.

· Attend and participate in team and IEP meetings.

· Examine and identify post secondary training and education options.

· Conduct and monitor implementation of Transition Services, such as training, education, employment and independent living skills.

· Assist in employment placements or other job experiences.

· Develop process in transition planning.

· Develop system guidelines, programs, and procedures.

· Develop and manipulate transition curriculum.

· Assist students and families in understanding the system and accessing services.

· Carry out school and community needs assessment.

· Identify gaps in transition services.

· Devise evaluation forms.

· Write reports regarding academic progress, achievement and social growth.

· Present reports at the following meetings; Diagnostic Conferences, Comprehensive Treatment Plan Reviews, Treatment Planning Conference, and special meetings.

· Participates in force fields meetings..

· Assist the Principal in maintaining order and discipline within the school.

· Assists in the implementation of behavioral intervention plans, supports and services.

· Provide other tasks as assigned.

· Masters Degree

· NYS Certification

· Acceptable clearance checks for State Central Register, Driver license and fingerprinting as required by the program.

· Compliance with health regulations for physical/mantoux testing.

This position requires successful completion of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) training, which includes a written test and demonstration of the competency to perform physical restraints, as specified by the program and regulatory body. Additionally, staff must successfully complete all required TCI refreshers in order to maintain continued employment