Director, Volunteer Services
Eastern Maine Healthcare Systems
 Brewer, ME

Job Details

GENERAL POSITION SUMMARY: Responsible for planning and managing the human, material, equipment and fiscal resources for areas of responsibility and accountable for developing action plans to contribute to the organization's ability to carry out its mission and accomplish annual pillar goals.

SPECIFIC POSITION SUMMARY: Provides direction and leadership for Volunteer, Internships and Community Development Services. The primary function of the Director is to ensure that NL EMMC maximizes the value of volunteer, intern and community resources, develop and maintain community support resources, and develop and maintain community growth paths for current and future employees. The Director will seek innovative approaches in volunteering, reflecting knowledge of current trends and practices in the field. The Director coordinates departments utilizing volunteer services, establishes new volunteer sites and offers retention and training support for volunteer leaders in participating departments. The Director maintains education and focus on the improvement of Patient Experience with volunteer and development candidates. The Director maintains knowledge of federal, state and accreditation regulations impacting volunteer service in a not-for-profit healthcare organization and ensures that the program is compliant with state and federal laws and regulations. The Director recruits, interviews, orients and places new and returning volunteers and maintains an open door policy in the volunteer office. The Director offers guidance to the Volunteer Associate who operates the Student Volunteer Program. The Director will assist Volunteer Leaders in the implementation of disciplinary action of volunteers as appropriate.

The Director works with the Vice President of Human Resources to determine critical areas of need for future workforce development. The Director administers growth programs to fill future critical areas in coordination with the recruiting department and the Vice President of Human Resources. The Director provides education to current and future employees and members of the community on career path development opportunities. The Director establishes and maintains a high functioning internship program within NL EMMC.

The Director is responsible for all business and functions of the Volunteer and Community Development Services office. The Director maintains relationships with community, state and regional professional organizations through membership and participation as allowable. The Director also maintains good relations with community agencies, clubs and groups wishing to establish volunteer or development relationships with NL EMMC. The Director establishes and supports Northern Light Health relationships to assist organizations within Northern Light Health to share volunteer and development resources and streamline processes to enhance system-wide benefit of Volunteer Services. The Director develops knowledge of various Northern Light Health organizations and volunteer program potentials and needs.

The Director serves as the liaison to the Auxiliary, on behalf of the NLH SVP, NL EMMC president, assuring smooth operations and advisement to the board. Also assists in fundraising activity, educational programming and overall appropriateness and goal attainment. All mailings and notifications are facilitated through liaison role. A modest budget is established annually to provide for expenses.


Essential functions are identified by an asterisk.

  • Responsible for safety*
  • Ensures that the department environment is free from recognized hazards that create a risk of injury to healthcare workers, patients and/or visitors.*
  • Supports and facilitate open and non-punitive communication between healthcare workers, patients and families regarding clinical and environmental safety on their unit and when interfacing with other units, groups and individuals.*
  • Supports and facilitate employee and non-employee healthcare workers in reporting and directly and addressing patient and environmental safety concerns.*
  • Accountable for accident/injury prevention and investigation including root cause analysis, as well as assisting in the return of injured workers to gainful employment.*
  • Maintains excellence in customer services through measurement and improvement action plans.*
  • Ensures the efficient and effective operations of processes in the delivery of service/care for areas of responsibility.*
  • Accountable for departmental budgeting and financial performance.*
  • Monitors compliance with legal and accrediting requirements related to areas of responsibility

functions and services.*

  • Engages staff in providing and improving service delivery.*
  • Recognizes staff and others for contributions.*
  • Commits to assist in NL EMMC achieving its Equal Employment Opportunity goals.*
  • Conducts ongoing high, middle, and low performer conversations with direct reports and development candidates including appropriate follow up. Holds direct reports accountable for same with subordinate leaders and staff.*
  • Creates a self-development plan to improve leader skills, competence, and outcomes.*


Essential functions are identified by an asterisk.

  • Establish and maintain contact with departments requiring volunteer assistance to ensure a mutually beneficial volunteer experience*
  • Manage Development Programs and Scholarships
  • Develop materials to support programs offered.
  • Coordinate offering of Programs as specified by the Vice President of Human Resources.
  • Coordinate with recruiting on such postings and community events where candidates may be.
  • Ensures effectiveness and retention of employees, volunteer and interns in growth development programs.
  • Manage Volunteer Internships
  • Develop relationships with department heads who may be able to support volunteer internships.
  • Match postings/projects to candidates.
  • Monitor and facilitate reviews with interns.
  • Coordinate and manage relationships with educational entities, Clinical Education, Recruiting, HR, and Ops to maximize placements and effectiveness.
  • Establish contact with department heads and designee to develop appropriate needs based

volunteer roles

  • Provide screening and referrals to departments to fill volunteer roles.
  • Give technical support to volunteer site managers; i.e. revising service descriptions, arranging

meetings, teaching volunteer retention skills, devising and implementing training programs, etc.

  • Maintain good working relationships with all departments of the hospital.
  • Inform site managers of volunteer issues and hours of service to their department.
  • Support volunteer site objectives and facilitate volunteer compliance with those objectives.
  • Act as advocate for volunteers.
  • Manage volunteer and developmental candidate selection, placement, orientations, compliance and recognition efforts*
  • Recruit, select, place and orient adult volunteers individually or on a group basis in a timely

fashion and in accordance with Medical Center equal employment, affirmative action and labor

relations policies.

  • Develop and access resources to produce materials appropriate for use in volunteer program in all

appropriate media format; i.e. applications, letters, programs for recognition, newsletter, invitations

(with appropriate support from other departments), and information packets.

  • Keep volunteers informed of current policies, programs and problems of the institution through

CURRENTS, volunteer newsletter, meetings, letters, e-mails and interviews.

  • Coordinate yearly recognition programs in a timely fashion.
  • Collects data in disciplinary situations, consults with volunteer leader, supports and carries out

appropriate action in adult or student volunteer cases.

  • Design programming for student volunteers and gives guidance to Volunteer Associate who is
  • perating program.
  • Maintain knowledge of volunteer duties at volunteer sites, develops and maintains an awareness
  • f talents and interests of prospective and current volunteers to facilitate placement, coverage and

performance of short-term assignments.

  • Maintain standards that comply with the Joint Commission, state and federal regulations

governing volunteer labor.

  • Serve as contact for Northern Light Health and other associated organizations concerning volunteers and development programs at NL EMMC*
  • Establish working relationships with volunteer coordinators at Northern Light Health organizations.
  • Support and assist volunteers through Northern Light Health and encourage collaborations as appropriate.
  • Share resources across Northern Light Health to improve efficiency, cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Fill community-related duties as assigned*
  • Fill speaking engagements and requests for information when requested and appropriate

concerning NL EMMC volunteer program, volunteerism generally, and developmental programs.

  • Serve on hospital/community committees as appropriate
  • Establish and maintain relationships with state and regional volunteer managers as time allows.
  • Other special projects as assigned.
  • Work under direction of Vice President of Human Resources*
  • Maintain information and reports and provides them as appropriate.
  • Meets regularly with supervisor as requested to discuss program, objectives and new directions.
  • Communicates with supervisor as needed and in a timely fashion on sensitive and irregular matters
  • f business
  • Prepare and monitor department budget.
  • Select, supervise, and review Volunteer Associate and volunteers to support office
  • Interview and recommend for hire appropriate candidate.
  • Orient and train volunteer associate and volunteers.
  • Communicate regularly with the Associate and Volunteer Services volunteers to ensure continuity
  • f program and public relations.
  • Plan schedule for volunteer office
  • Give direction to Associate and volunteers
  • Keep supervisor informed as to working relationships within Volunteer Services
  • Provide timely performance appraisals.
  • Serves as liaison to the NL EMMC Auxiliary Board of Directors*
  • Schedule monthly board and related meetings.
  • Keep NLH SVP, president of NL EMMC apprised of activity of board.
  • Support mailing reminders for meetings and communication to the board
  • Coordinate holiday gift giving list and details related.
  • Support board as needed to assure fundraising goals and overall goals are accomplished

throughout the year.

  • Serve as liaison to the NL EMMC Auxiliary Gift Shop, managed by Lori's Gifts*
  • Communicate with Gift Shop manager and District Manager as needed.
  • Address hospital concerns with Lori's Gifts as they arise.
  • Facilitate Lori's Gifts presence within the institution.
  • Facilitate collaboration between NLEMMC Auxiliary and Lori's Gifts.
  • Serve on planning committee of Camp Survivor

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Knowledge of Microsoft Office, ability to utilize data base software

SPECIAL SKILLS: Excellent communication skills, both written and oral, career development experience strongly desired.

EXPERIENCE/EDUCATION REQUIRED: Bachelor's degree in business administration, healthcare administration or related field required.


Master's degree in business administration of healthcare administration (MBA, MHA) preferred. Two-five years management of healthcare volunteers to include: program development, organization and support; interviewing, screening, orienting volunteers; technical writing; supervising office and record keeping operation. Experience working in a multiple task setting with a public relations focus; Two – Five years demonstrating capacity to develop others through innovative programming. Computer and data base literacy, and ability to apply technical advances to efficient volunteer program operation. Must relate well to people of all ages, understand human needs and motivation, and be a skilled communicator. Must be able to manage time and plan and execute responsibilities. Problem solving and excellent organizational and prioritization skills required. Demonstrated ability in consulting, teambuilding, risk management and collaboration.

  • LICENSES OR CERTIFICATIONS PREFERRED: Certificate of Volunteer Management; SHRM-CP or SCP, PHR or SPHR, adult education, or corporate development preferred.
  • PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT (If the demands of the position are any other than a typical office/clinical setting): Must possess physical and emotional stamina to cope with high stress situations and tolerate diverse nature of work. Occasional travel to NL EMMC off-site locations and occasional travel to approved conferences. Able to move extensively throughout the medical center.
  • PHYSICAL DEMANDS: Light to medium carrying up to 50 lbs., straight pulling/pushing, reaching in all directions, stooping, walking long distances, standing, sitting, repetitive motion/finger activity for sustained periods of time, speaking, hearing, moderate phone contact, visual activity; long periods of working on computer.
  • SUPERVISES: Supervises Volunteer Associate, approximately 300 volunteers year-round, an additional 75 high school students in summer, and unpaid interns throughout the year
  • REPORTS TO: Vice President of Human Resources