Suffolk County Preventive Caseworker
 Brentwood, NY

Provides all aspect of casework and case planning services to a group of children and families identified as being at-risk of disruption/placement. Casework services are goal-oriented, child-centered, family focused and neighborhood based. In partnership with families, children, youth and community residents, services are designed to protect children, strengthen family life and build a community of care. Services include the development of written assessments a detailed service plans, the conducting of regular and frequent home visits and the coordination, counseling, monitoring, evaluation and documentation of case events and activities.

  • Assesses the health and safety of children in the household, appraising the existence of family and environmental factors that impact on the child’s well- being and determining the needs of all the household members.
  • Helps children, youth and parents in establishing communities of care by building effective relationships with significant individuals and service providers in the neighborhoods where families live.
  • Participates in collaborative and neighborhood-based activities that expand resources, which benefit family and community life.
  • On-Call 24/7 for emergencies/crisis intervention unless on vacation.
  • Assists in referral and advocacy services for families and tracks receipt of services.
  • Uses resources of the community in which the family resides, particularly those with whom the preventive program has affiliation agreements.
  • Maintains all contractually required records, including progress/case notes, as well as statistical records and reports.
  • Other tasks as deemed necessary.

SCO Family of Services is an equal employment opportunity employer.

  • A Bachelor’s Degree with prior professional experience in working with “at risk” families.
  • Promising professional competence through a good academic record, three (3) professional references and a stable work history.
  • Demonstrated ability required in the assessment of health and safety issues related to children, domestic violence, substance abuse and emotional and behavioral disturbances as well as appropriate methods of service interventions.
  • The ability to conduct detailed, factual interviews and provide complete, accurate and timely written reports.
  • Demonstrate clear effective communication skills, proficiency in handwriting and computer use and excellent written and organizational skills.
  • Familiarity with the characteristics of the community served, its resources and needs, and readiness to identify and provide services for children, youth and families in the neighborhood served.
  • The ability to function as part of a team, yet also work independently when appropriate.
  • Residence in the community in which the position is located is desirable.
  • The ability to speak the language of the major group served is required.

Other skills and requirements:

  • A commitment to empowering others to solve their own problems.
  • Valuing a nurturing family as the ideal environment for a person.
  • A conviction about the capacity of people to grow and develop.
  • The ability to establish a respectful relationship with persons served to help gain skills and confidence.
  • The ability to work collaboratively with other personnel and/or service provider/professionals.
  • The capacity to maintain a helping role and to intervene appropriately to meet services goals.
  • A non-biased approach toward working with others with differing skills, attitudes, races and cultural backgrounds
  • Be team players.
  • Have a strong sensitivity to cultural differences present among staff and clients within our organization.
  • Possess a strong belief in people’s ability to grow and change; forge a mutually respectful partnership with persons served and their families.
  • Ability to set limits and maintain helping role of practitioner and to intervene appropriately.