Software Engineering Manager – Build a Team & Applications With Millions of Users
Camden Kelly Corporation
 Brea, CA
Fun fact: your odds of being struck by lightning twice in your lifetime are one in 9 million. But your odds of building a great team, staying hands on during the development process of web applications with millions of users, and earning great perks like stock options and bonuses are much higher as soon as you apply to this Software Engineering Manager opportunity!

This industry leading tech company is growing like crazy! They’re at the top of their game with a leading national application that handles over 30 million daily users so if you’re used to managing onshore teams and staying hands on as you develop high traffic web applications you’re a shoe-in for success here. Use your experience with full stack development, your strong leadership skills, experience developing large scale applications, experience leading developers, and possibly Ruby, NodeJS, or ReactJS experience too in this company that prioritizes cutting-edge technology and the happiness of their employees. You’ll split your time 50/50 between coding and managing as you architect applications, build a growing team of full stack engineers, share your ideas with all engineering leadership, make company culture decisions, and more! There’s never a dull moment in this office but, during your downtime, you can eat free catered lunches, unlimited snacks and drinks, or attend free wellness classes. You’ll train a great group of engineers and be responsible for expanding your own team while keeping high traffic applications on track, so you’ll need to be able to keep a lot of balls in the air at once. 

The easiest part of this job: Champion your team, stay hands on with the tech you love, and help this thriving company continue to expand into an exciting future while getting great perks like bonuses and stock options.

The hardest part of this job: If you’re a wallflower this communication-driven position won’t be the right fit for you.

Split your time 50/50 between coding & architecting high traffic applications with millions of users and building & managing a great engineering team in this fun Software Engineering Manager position.

What’s in it for you?

- Competitive Salary ($170,000-$190,000)

- Fully Paid Medical

- Fully Paid Dental

- Fully Paid Optical

- Life

- 401k

- Bonuses

- Stock Options

- Flextime

- Catered Lunch

- Paid Relocation

- 18 Days PTO

- 6 Sick Days

What you’ll be doing:

- Lead a growing team of engineers and manage full stack development projects

- Split your time 50/50 between coding and managing

- Guide the development of large applications that handle high traffic volume 

- Architect applications with millions of users

- Conduct performance reviews and hiring to build your own team

- Work closely with all engineering leadership, share your ideas, and be involved in company culture decisions

- Communicate effectively and develop and train your team of engineers

What you need:

- 5+ years of full stack development experience

- Strong leadership skills

- Development of large scale applications

- 2+ years of experience leading developers

- Ruby is a plus

- NodeJS is a plus

- ReactJS is a plus

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