Mobile Therapist (MT)/Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC) - Part-time

Beacon Light Behavioral Health System Bradford, PA

The Mobile Therapist (MT)/Behavioral Specialist Consultant (BSC) designs an individual plan to develop skills that give a child or adolescent the opportunity for learning and growing. The Behavior Specialist is also responsible for assessment, program design, and monitoring the plan by performing the following duties.


The MT/BSC must have a Masters Degree in a Human Service related field. Behavioral Specialist License required. Prior experience preferred.

Vital Duties: Duties the employee performs that have a major impact on the delivery of services to our clientele:

* Documentation of important information into the EMR within a timely and professional manner as described by the program director.

* Knowing and operating within the framework of the Treatment Plan.

* Preparing for ISPT/Coordination meetings and making appropriate recommendations with regard to treatment.

* Completing all assigned billable hours timely.

* Completing CCBH/MA authorization packets in a complete, accurate and timely manner.

* Coordinating all aspects of treatment for the clients within their caseload in a professional and timely manner.

* Completing Assessments and Reassessments as needed.

* Completing Functional Behavioral Assessments (FBA) as needed (Must hold certification in order to complete FBA's if working with ASD individuals, must hold BSC licensure.

* Completion of FBA's for ASD individuals without BSC licensure must be done under the direct supervision of a licensed BSC).

* Completing necessary data collection reports regarding treatment goals for necessary authorizations.

* Assisting the treatment team with development of specific behavioral plans required to stabilize or augment treatment of children/adolescents as identified by evaluation or inter-agency team meeting as requiring such service.

* Designing and directing the implementation of behavior management plans, individualized to each child and to family needs in a timely manner.

* Identifying and recommending behavioral goals and non-aversive behavioral intervention strategies for positive behavior change.

* Supervising the implementation of assigned treatment plans and making recommendations when appropriate.

* Evaluating the effectiveness of the client's program in a thorough and timely manner.

* Use of Therapeutic Skills/techniques to include direct use of pragmatic (structural, strategic, behavioral, and functional) individual therapy with children and family therapies.

* Maintaining BSC Licensure when working with children of ASD.

* Crisis planning and Intervention with the youth and family to assist them in managing difficult or harmful behaviors, and encouraging the family to follow the established crisis safety plan and utilize natural supports whenever possible.

* Following school policies and classroom protocol.

* Interacting with individuals in a respectful manner, which includes adhering to professional boundaries that are appropriate for the given situation.

* Interacting with individual's families and county agencies in a courteous and professional manner.

* Ensuring that needed materials (handouts, outlines, syllabi) are available for therapy and training sessions.

* Collaborating with school personnel and other community resources for the benefit of the client.

* Using Crisis/Emergency Management in a professional manner when required.

* Consulting regularly with family members/team members regarding case status.

PROBATION EXPECTATIONS: Must demonstrate during probation competencies in the following areas:

* Treatment Planning

* Family/Group/Individual Therapy

* Completing MCO Authorization Packets

* Developing Behavior Plans

* Data collection

* Managing a Caseload

* Completing a Functional Behavior Assessment