Senior Test Technician (658825)

Ball Corporation Boulder, CO

Who We Are:

Ball Aerospace leads the way in designing, developing and manufacturing innovative aerospace systems. We take on some of the most complex and exciting challenges in the universe--from space and Earth science to national security and intelligence programs.

We produce spacecraft, instruments and sensors, RF and microwave technologies, data exploitation solutions, and a variety of advanced aerospace technologies and products. In addition, we pioneered the development of the commercial remote sensing market, producing spacecraft and imaging systems that helped spawn a market-driven demand for imagery.

Our success is built on more than products or systems. Our team of more than 3,000 engineers, scientists, technicians and support staff drives all the achievements at Ball Aerospace. Whether contributing to a better understanding of the universe or helping keep our nation safe, our people bring their diverse backgrounds, perspectives and skills together to achieve a common mission.

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What you'll do:

* Perform various duties as Test Conductor, to execute and assist in Electronic Board, Box, and Suite level testing.

* Execute specific step by step test procedures to record and verify test data results, and report out of tolerance conditions.

* Conduct and support performance and functional tests on flight hardware, electronic boards, boxes, antennas, assemblies, sub systems, and flight products, during all phases of the hardware evolution process.

* Perform and assist in functional tests, as well as monitor environmental testing parameters during Thermal Vacuum, Vibration, EMI, and Acoustics testing.

* Provide direct technical support to a team during various (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) shift operations, as well as provide technical support during extended working hours, weekends, and holidays to meet critical schedules.

* Work in a development and production setting, where you will fabricate and build cables & wire harnesses, for Ground Support Equipment, and provide wiring harness installation on chassis frames and system test consoles derived from drawings and build documents.

* Provide technical support towards electrical, electro-mechanical, cryogenics, and electro-optical test set-ups.

* Respond quickly to immediate tasks in their area of functional disciplines and develop cross functional skills.

* Troubleshoot problems associated with the functionality or design of the products.

* Perform ring-out and certification tests of the products used in the work centers.

* Delivers work with a keen attention to cost and schedule and a consideration for the re-use and producibility.

* Will be required to work effectively in a team environment, referring questions and problems to area Lead or Supervisor.

* Support IRAD development of RF antenna assemblies and sub-assemblies, to administer proof of concept protocols. Some IRAD work checked through consultation and agreement with others rather than by formal review of each task.

* Document and record specialized test set-up configurations, in order to replicate consistent and repeatable test results.

* Apply touch labor skills in association with RF test facilities, RF chambers, and associated RF equipment, & tooling.

* Work with mechanical tooling, jigs, and fixtures to fabricate and construct a test configuration.

* Maintain a regular and predictable work schedule.

* Establish and maintain effective working relationships within the department, the Strategic Business Units, Strategic Support Units and the Company. Interact appropriately with others in order to maintain a positive and productive work environment.

* Perform other duties as necessary.

What you'll need:

* High School diploma and 10 or more years of related experience or a two-year technical degree with 8 or more years of experience is required.

* Aerospace, spacecraft, instrument, sub-assembly, experience is very beneficial.

* Current or active security clearance is very beneficial, or ability to obtain a rapid change over to re-activate a clearance in an inactive status.

* Environmental testing experience e.g., Vibration, Thermal Vacuum, EMI, Acoustic is very beneficial.

* Enhanced performance skills in various flight component test operations, is desired.

* An electronic background or related degree to effectively support electronic test operations.

* Adequate understanding of flight and test software and applications is beneficial.

* Must be versatile, and contribute well to high-energy team environments.

* Ability to independently operate Frequency analyzers, Spectrum analyzers, and O-scopes, Power supplies, Multi-Meters, and Data acquisition monitoring devices.

* Ability to interpret electrical & mechanical drawings, specifications, notes, and wire lists.

* Ability to be trained to obtain specialized certifications required, to perform the assembly and fabrication operations. (Clean room, ESD, FOD, Crane, Solder, Slicing, Crimping, J-STD, IPC-610/620).

* Strong oral and written communication skills and the ability to exercise them in a technical environment.

* Will need a good mechanical aptitude, with solid dexterity and hand/eye coordination to work with hand tools.

* Will be required to apply basic computer skills to input and access data via computer interface.

* Must be a self-starter, ambitious and a conscientious individual with a very high attention to detail.

* Able to lift 50 pounds and work with heavy equipment, tooling and fixtures.

* Normal sight, hearing and smell.

* In addition to the typical educational and experience requirements, a demonstrated capability to adequately perform the essential functions and responsibilities of the position and exhibit the skills and competencies of the grade level should be considered. Each higher-level degree, i.e., Master's Degree or Ph.D., may substitute for two years of experience. Related technical experience may be considered in lieu of education. Degree must be from a university, college, or school which is accredited by an agency recognized by the US Secretary of Education, US Department of Education.

Working Conditions:

* Work is performed in an office environment, laboratory, clean room, or production floor.

* Travel and local commute between Ball campuses and other possible non-Ball locations may be required.

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Relocation for this position is NOT Available

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EEO Statement:


Equal Opportunity Employer

Minority, Female, Disabled, Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, Transgender and Veterans.

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