Probabilistic Subseasonal Weather Forecaster *Closes 8/17/18*

University of Colorado Boulder, CO
The Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES) in Boulder, Colorado is seeking a post-doctoral or early-career scientist with experience in atmospheric sciences, statistics, or a related discipline. The candidate will work in a team environment at the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory, Physical Sciences Division (PSD), and perform research in developing statistical post-processing methods for precipitation that are capable of providing reliable and skillful probabilistic guidance for forecast lead times up to 4 weeks ahead. The scientist will develop new approaches, document them in presentations and peer-reviewed journal articles, and work with colleagues in the National Weather Service to implement them operationally. This position offers the opportunity to expand into other research areas of mutual interest to the candidate and NOAA.

This position will be located at NOAA in Boulder, Colorado.

Job responsibilities:

(1) Understand and potentially improve upon existing methods for statistical postprocessing of medium-range (up to 14-days ahead) precipitation forecasts.

(2) Develop new approaches that identify suitable large-scale predictors and integrate them into a statistical post-processing scheme such that skillful forecasts are obtained for week 3 4 precipitation accumulations

(3) Write efficient and easily understandable code that implements the algorithm design, ideally in fortran90, python, and/or cython.

(4) Validate the performance of the new algorithms in comparison against existing procedures.

(5) Document the methods in presentations and articles.

(6) Travel at the level of a few trips per year to conferences and to meet scientists working on related algorithmic development activities.

The applicant will be expected to work with CIRES and NOAA staff in a team environment.

(1) A Ph.D. inatmospheric sciences, statistics, or a related discipline.

(2) Advancedknowledge in the field of multivariate and spatial statistics.

(3) Experienceprogramming in Fortran90, python, cython, and/or R.

(4) Ability tospeak and write English fluently.

(5) Comfort withworking with other scientists in a team environment.

(6) If the candidateis a foreign national, the ability to get a work visa.

(7) Ability totravel may be required, at the level of 1-3 trips/year.