Corrections Registered Nurse-Day Shift/Boulder County Jail

Boulder County, CO Boulder, CO

Registered Nurse: See above, translates to $27.15 - $39.10/hour, depending on experience.


90% time Day Shift - Three 12 hour shifts/week

60% time Day Shift - Two 12 hour shifts/week

Also, openings for hourly positions Day & Night Shifts without benefits.


Weekends - Add $1/hr per Shift for a total of $5/hour

Night Shift days of work may vary and may include weekends and holidays.

This is an extremely clean and safe environment. No infirmary.


The Corrections Nurse is responsible for 24-hour health care of inmates. This includes assessment, implementation of care, coordination with corrections staff, interfacing with the Health Care Authority and facilitation of care with agencies and physicians in the community.

Examples of Duties

1. Obtains a health history and assesses for illness or injury on each incarcerated inmate.

2. Communicates with Classifications regarding appropriate housing assignment.

3. Implementation of medical protocols when appropriate.

4. Communicates with Medical Provider regarding health issues, medical treatment &/or medications.

5. Administers the correct medication and dosage to the correct inmate.

6. Obtains prior medical records when indicated.

7. Assesses mental health status of all inmates.

8. Implements mental health policy as appropriate.

9. Communicates with mental health personnel when psychiatric intervention is identified.

10. Implements and monitors appropriate withdrawal protocols

11. Supervises isolation techniques and monitors inmates with communicable diseases.

12. Responds to medical situations within the jail.

13. Assists medical provider during Doctor Rounds.

14. Coordinates appointments and transfers.

15. Performs all medical treatments as required and obtains laboratory specimens.

16. Documents appropriate information in each health record.

17. Participates in unit staff meetings

18. Orientation and training of new personnel.

Required Qualifications


Must be well organized and possess detailed assessment skills. Must have the ability to think and act critically. Must interact well with others. Must remain current in correctional health care standards, as well as changes in community nursing care standards. Must have a demonstrated understanding of the security issues surrounding inmate health care in a detention setting. Prior experience with mental health and substance abuse interventions is preferred. Must be well organized and possess detailed assessment skills.


Must have a current license to practice as a Registered Nurse in Colorado with experience in medical assessments. Must be able to successfully pass polygraph, drug screen and background investigation.

Supplemental Information


1. Vision - Dual vision is not required. Single eye correctable vision is acceptable. Minimum peripheral vision for single vision is 900 on the ear side and 700 on the nose side. Frequently uses peripheral vision to observe and monitor multiple persons and activity.

2. Hearing - Dual hearing is required. When tested by use of an audiometric device, does not have an average hearing loss in the better ear greater than 40 decibels at 500 Hz, 1000 Hz, and 2000 Hz with or without a hearing aid when the audiometric device is calibrated to American National Standard. Nurses are constantly required to listen to multiple audible inputs simultaneously such as portable radio conversations, telephone conversations, conversations with inmates or others, noises within the housing units.

3. Sense of Smell - Intact. Occasionally uses olfactory sense to detect illegal use of drugs or chemicals. Occasionally uses the olfactory sense to evaluate the presence of toxic vapors, smoke, and fuels.

4. Speech - Nurses must have the ability to speak and understand English clearly within normal parameters. Constantly uses voice to communicate with other officers, professionals, prisoners, and the public in person and by telephone and two way radio. Clear diction and audible volume is required.

5. Body Movement - Nurses must have mobility of both arms and legs with the ability to move around the work area unassisted. Must be able to walk quickly and climb stairs. Must have the ability and range of flexibility to reach overhead, reach below knees, and to bend over or squat down to perform job functions. Must have the ability to stand or sit for long periods of time.

* Hand and Arms - must have the dexterity in their hands to pick up small items, hand instruments and implements. Must be able to sort medication and individually package it in separate containers for distribution to inmates. Constantly must be able to write patient information in medical charts daily, write reports, and treatment plans. Must have a sense of feeling in their hands and fingers to take a pulse rate, and palpate injuries. Must be able to administer hypodermic injections, draw blood, and take blood pressures. Must be able to use keys to open doors throughout the facility.

* Lifting - Constantly must be able to lift and carry cartons of medical and office supplies. Occasionally must be able to help lift, turn, and roll disabled inmates and to assist inmates in and out of beds, wheelchairs, toilet facilities, and showers.