Contract Administrator

University of Colorado Boulder, CO

The Laboratory for Atmospheric and SpacePhysics ﴾LASP﴿ is a full‐cycle space institute, combining all aspects of space exploration through ourexpertise in science, engineering, mission operation, data analysis, andeducation. LASP works heavily with NASA and other governmental agencies,commercial partners, as well as other research laboratories and institutions ofhigher learning. Under the supervision of the LASP Contracts and ComplianceManager, this position will assist in the administration of all LASP sponsored researchagreements ﴾both contracts and grants﴿ and commercial agreements. These tasksmay include, but are not limited to: the preparation, processing and executionof various contract actions, including nondisclosure agreements,contract/subcontract awards, grant awards/subawards and modifications, proposalsubmissions and associated certification/commitment forms, as well assisting incontract required reporting, to include annual government property reporting.


Administrative Duties

* Work with the Contracts and ComplianceManager on all contract/program related items as directed.

* Work with Program Managers and BusinessAnalysts to assist with matters related to processing Proposals/Business Development andcontract administration matters.

* Communicate with Contracts personnelfrom various organizations.

* Communicate and correspond with variousdepartments within LASP and the University as well as all customers, including Federal Agencies ﴾sponsoredprojects and commercial endeavors﴿.

* File and organize all contract relateddocuments as necessary.

* Attend program meetings as requested.

Proposal Support

* Coordinate and maintain proposalreviews and approvals before submittal, using internal procedure policy.

* Assist in the proposal preparation,packaging, routing and submission.

* File correspondence and other documentsrelated to business development.

Contract/Sub‐contract/Grant Support

* Process newcontracts/subcontracts/grants/subawards for review and approval through various departments, as well as any associatedmodifications to existing awards.

* Process all requests/requirementsrelated to travel, property purchases and disposition, as well as other similarauthorizations, in order to ensure LASP compliance with existing terms andconditions.

* Create, organize, and maintaincontract/grant files.

* Serve as liaison between LASP and theUniversity's Office of Contracts and Grants.

* Send intra‐university notifications asnecessary of new contracts and send notifications of changes to existing contracts.

* Assist with correspondence follow‐upand submission of contract reports and misc. documents as required.

* Assist in preparing and processingNDA's for review, coordinate for signatures, follow‐up for fully executed copy.

* Maintain NDA database.

* Assist in processing of commercial EndUser Agreements, Subcontract Agreements and Professional Service Agreements.

* Maintain commercial user agreementdatabase.

* Assist in tracking and preparation ofgovernment property reports.


* Minimum three ﴾3﴿ yearsdirect contract administration experience in either Government Contracts or UniversityContracts setting.

* The ability to recognize unusualnon‐routine situations and circumstances, assess and analyze issues and impacts, and provide alternative solutions.

* The ability to prioritize, workindependently, and understand and apply policies and procedures in a high tempoenvironment and meet deadlines.

* The ability to prioritize, workindependently, and understand and apply policies and procedures in a high tempoenvironment and meet deadlines.

* Excellent interpersonal skills, theability to collaborate with varying levels of authority, reliability and enjoy working in a challenging anddiverse work environment.

* Proficiency with Microsoft Office applicationsand SharePoint as well as ability to learn and use new software systems.

Due to U.S. Export Restrictions, onlyU.S. Citizens and Permanent Residents may apply.


Familiarity with US Export Control Regulations

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