Technical Research Asst II / 40 hour/ Neurosurgery
Brigham & Women's Hospital
 Boston, MA

The Center for Stem Cell Therapeutics Imaging ( at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital Department of Neurosurgery (Shah Lab) invites applications for a Technical Research Assistant. The focus of our research center is on development of novel biological therapies for various hard to treat cancers. Inherently linked to the tumor therapy paradigm, we engineer biological therapies and employ genetically engineered imaging markers to image cell fate and monitor the therapeutic efficacy in real time in vivo. We are a diverse multidisciplinary team working on various projects on therapeutic development for various cancers. Our emphasis on translational research enables us to train the next generation of bioengineers and expand the boundaries in this exciting field. We are looking for a team player with interpersonal skills who could play an integral role in our research program.

The Technical Research Assistant will work under general supervision of the Principal Investigator in accordance with established hospital policies and procedures.


  • Working independently, performs non-routine, highly specialized experimental procedures.
  • Participates in the design and modification of research protocols.
  • Coordinates lab activities and undertakes quality assurance programs.
  • Supervises lab safety and ensures compliance.


  1. Independently performs non-routine, highly specialized experimental procedures such mouse tumor resections, creation of mammalian cell line bank and DNA constructs bank and in vivo bioluminescence imaging
  2. Participates in the design and modification of biosafety, chemical safety and animal study protocols.
  3. Develops research methodologies within the parameters of experimental protocols and research


  1. Composes and may present sections of research reports and manuscripts
  2. Performs advanced data analysis using advanced statistical techniques
  3. Responsible for the oversight and coordination of all lab activities, including quality assurance
  4. Responsible for the oversight and coordination of the scheduling of all procedures
  5. Responsible for troubleshooting problems and instructing others in highly specialized techniques
  6. All other duties, as assigned


Successful candidate should have a Bachelors; Master’s degree preferred or equivalent in biological sciences.

One year of research expeirence

Experience in one or more of the following techniques will be strongly preferred.

  • Cell biology
  • Gene cloning
  • Viral vector construction
  • Rodent handling and experimental models of cancer
    We offer excellent training opportunities in a collaborative research environment including genetic engineering, virology, stem cell biology, gene delivery to tumors and imaging disciplines.


  • High degree of computer literacy
  • Sound analytical and organizational skills
  • Requires good oral and written communication skills
  • Must be able to logically and effectively structure tasks and set priorities
  • Ability to identify potential problems and troubleshoot solutions
  • Must have a broad knowledge of scientific principles, biological structures, and laboratory techniques