CSS/OR Liaison, 40 hours

New England Baptist Hospital Boston, MA
GENERAL SUMMARY: Responsible for the facilitating of the operating room schedule by acting a liaison between central supply and the operating room for supplies equipment and set- ups

Demonstrates a basic knowledge and understanding of the proper method of autoclaving and processing equipment and supplies:

Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of basic principles of asepsis.

Able to complete required tasks in the Operating Room without contamination of the surgical field

Demonstrates knowledge of the various methods and timing of sterilization and disinfection.

Follows established sterilization guidelines for sterilization to promote delivery of sterile items to the surgical field.

Assists the Registered Nurse in facilitating minimal operating room turnover time:

* Assures that completed set-ups are moved to the Operating Room prior to the time they will be needed to open for surgical procedures.

* Shares responsibility with the circulating nurse to have all necessary instruments and equipment ready for cases.

* Determines need for instruments for scheduled cases and plans for the availability of instruments for later cases.

* Resolves instrument, equipment and supply conflicts with Operating Room nursing and/or CSS staff. Assists scrub personnel with breakdown of sterile field and processing of instruments and/or equipment at the end of major surgical procedures.

* Assists equipment coordinator and central supply with bringing in of extra equipment to avoid flashing between cases

* Informs Resource nurse or manager when the schedule needs to be changed to avoid a conflict when equipment not available

* Uses preference sheets as a guideline and adjusts set-ups according to case specifics

5. Establishes and maintains professional relationships and communication with all members of the surgical team and other hospital staff:

* Maintains open communication.

* Resolves issues using appropriate channels when necessary.

* Works productively and cohesively with individuals from diverse backgrounds, experience and training.

* Accepts constructive criticism and utilizes it for professional growth.

* Maintains patient confidentiality.

Is responsible for assisting with cost containment measures for equipment

Collaborates with the Department Manager to keep current with the needs of the department.

* Assists in maintaining appropriate par levels of equipment to support meeting operating budget.

* Makes recommendations to Department Manager to negotiate the trade-in of obsolete equipment

* Works effectively with other staff as a member of the surgical team

* Responds to intercom calls in a timely manner.

* Assumes responsibility for prompt room turnover times.

Performs other duties as required.


* Must have at least 1 year of experience with surgical instruments and supplies

* Must have OR experience, CSPD experience preferred.

* Ability to use computer.

* Ability to communicate in writing and orally.

* Ability to proofread documents and check for accuracy.

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