Program Coordinator / 40 Hrs / Day Shift / Emergency Medicine
Brigham & Women's Hospital
 Boston, MA


As part of the Brigham Health Department of Emergency Medicine (BH EM), the Brigham and Women’s Faulkner Hospital is committed to the BH EM mission to define and advance the future of emergency medicine through clinical excellence, academic creativity, education innovations and commitment to serving the community, the nation and the world.

The Program Coordinator will provide administrative support for the BWFH EM Leadership team that includes the Chief of Emergency Medicine, Director of Clinical Operations, Director of Operations, and Director of Emergency Nursing. The incumbent will work closely with other Hospital Leadership administrative support who has an interest in pursuing a career in health management. The ideal candidate will be detail oriented, able to work independently and exercise direction and judgment to complete work by appointed deadlines with minimal supervision, and the ability to effectively manage multiple projects.


General Administration

The Program Coordinator will provide administrative and project management support to the Chief Emergency Medicine and the EM Leadership team at BWFH. This includes:

  • Calendar management: schedule group meetings, committee meetings, programs and events. Ability to coordinate several calendars, resolve conflicts, and prioritize meetings.
  • Coordinates all calendar and schedule management (for hospital, committee, and observation unit, and major department projects)
  • Triage urgent issues and resolve meeting conflicts and scheduling challenges
  • Assist and coordinate (ad hoc needs i.e. faculty recruitment/interviews)
  • Assist with faculty onboarding (i.e. access, badges, parking, lab coats etc.)
  • Make travel arrangements as needed
  • Submit expense reports
  • Schedules and supports several ED committees and initiatives including:
    • ED Faculty & Collaborative Meeting
    • Clinical Operations Group
    • ED/Radiology Quarterly Meeting
    • Stroke Committee
    • Ad Hoc Committee’s (i.e. ED Expansion and Observation Projects)
  • Other activities include literature searches, data gathering and analysis (using Excel spreadsheet formats), drafting correspondence, maintaining Harvard formatted CV’s, transcription of reports, proofreading, photocopying, and filing copies of correspondence and other materials in a timely, systematic method to ensure easy retrieval of information as needed
  • Responsible for timely production of slides using Microsoft PowerPoint for a variety of teaching assignments and lecture as well as the production of “letter quality” hard copies, as needed, for lecture notes or publication
  • Ensure all departmental policies are formatted, updated, and uploaded to policy management system prior to review date. Coordinate discussion with policy reviewers to ensure policy content is reviewed in a timely manner.
  • Other duties as assigned

ED Patient Family Advisory Council

The Program Coordinator will serve as the coordinator for the BWFH ED Patient Family Advisory Council (PFAC). Responsibilities include:

  • Recruitment and onboarding of committee members
  • Coordinating meeting agenda/minutes
  • Work collaboratively with Committee chairs with on-going projects
  • Foster collaboration with BWFH Hospital PFAC

Coordinate Volunteers, Observers, HMS Students, Residents, and EM Resident Elective rotations in the Department

The Program Coordinator will assist with the onboarding and scheduling of the above groups. This includes:

  • Coordinate occupational health screen
  • Scheduling, track, and monitor of volunteer/observer as needed
  • Coordinate with the Volunteer’s office as needed

Project and Committee Support

The Program Coordinator will play an integral administrative support role with the various department- and hospital-wide projects and committees. This includes:

  • Schedule and coordinate meetings
  • Coordinate meeting agenda/minutes, document necessary follow up items
  • Compile handouts or documents for review at meetings
  • Responsible for organizing and preparing projects and programs for assigned physicians and BWFH ED Leadership Team by the appropriate deadlines
  • Following-up with committee members regarding information exchange, and ensuring that various written projects and proposals are completed by the presentation deadlines
  • Coordinating and scheduling planning group meetings, special programs and/or functions
  • Requesting, receiving, monitoring and accounting for data and other types of written input for overall projects
  • Organizing data and written information into draft projects and proposals for the physicians’ review and edits

Data Analysis and Reporting

The Program Coordinator will assist with data analysis and reporting to support the various initiatives in the department. This includes:

  • Coordinate with EM Project Analyst for data sources and statistical support
  • Utilize the Epic Electronic Health Record to run reports to retrieve necessary data
  • Create pivot tables, charts, and graphics to support data requests
  • Support the EM Provider documentation initiatives by creating weekly notifications to BWFH EM faculty to complete documentation in a timely manner


  • Organization Skills: Ability to manage work processes in a neat and orderly way and to sort and alphabetize. Ability to manage multiple tasks effectively, follow established protocols, and work within systems.
    • Demonstrated organizational skills, ability to handle several projects and simultaneous deadlines.
    • Ability to work well under pressure and prioritize work from several sources.
    • Must be detail oriented.
    • Able to work independently and exercise discretion and judgment to complete work by appointed deadlines with minimal supervision.
  • Analytical skills: Ability to think logically and draw accurate conclusions from information, to see patterns and make appropriate inferences
  • Writing Skills: Ability to correspond and communicate with others clearly and effectively in writing (via email, memo or interoffice note) and to take complete and accurate messages. May respond directly on behalf of manager/provider without direction or instruction.
  • Computer System Skills: Ability to type and enter data effectively and at a more advanced level. Intermediate level computer skills including the ability to use word processing, spreadsheet, database and presentation applications.
    • Ability to quickly learn and use new computer applications and tools at intermediate or better level.
    • Ability to use social media platforms at an administrative level to post updates and manage user responses.
  • Verbal skills: Ability to interpret information as appropriate, answer complex questions thoughtfully and professionally; communicate in a professional, courteous, clear and concise manner.
    • Excellent interpersonal skills;
    • Ability to interact effectively with physicians, staff members and visitors to the department.
  • Phone skills: Ability to use phone system (answer and screen calls, put on hold), handle more complex calls and give more detailed information.
    • Excellent telephone and communication skills.
  • Routine office procedures including filing, copying, scanning, printing, and faxing.
  • Graphic Design Skills: basic ability to use graphic design software, to manipulate electronic graphic elements within word processing and presentation software, design of simple brochures and pamphlets, design of templates for reports and documents
  • Basic accounting skills: financial aptitude, basic to intermediate comprehension of billing and fiscal information
  • Basic to Intermediate understanding and use of medical terminology.
  • Knowledgeable and compliant with all hospital, State and Federal requirements (where applicable to job performance), including policy and procedures with The Joint Commission and HIPAA.


Level of education required:

  • Bachelor’s degree in health care administration, business, communications or another related field.

Work experience required:

  • Three to five years of applicable work experience
  • Graphic design, marketing and/or event planning experience are strongly desired
  • Advanced knowledge of Microsoft Word (including formatting), Excel (including pivot tables and advanced formulas) and PowerPoint (including art and video inserts).
  • Cross cultural sensitivity.