Nurse Practitioner- Team Manager / 40 Hour / Day Shift / BWH-endocrine

Brigham and Women's Hospital Boston, MA
The Nurse Practitioner Team Manager (NPTM) is a diabetes clinician functioning as a clinical leader in the Diabetes in Pregnancy Program. The NPTM is the clinical leader of a special team delivering care to pregnant women with diabetes, for which s/he has responsibility in the planning, implementation, coordination, and evaluation of care related outcomes. The NPTM has responsibility for the management and oversight of the clinical practice of an interdisciplinary team (the team) which may include RNs, LPNs, medical assistant and others who are integral to the optimal care of diabetes patients. The NPTM works in partnership with the team, including practice leaders and practice assistant (s), toward the primary goal of ensuring the effective delivery of care of patients receiving care at Brigham and Women's Hospital, supporting the achievement of patient, departmental and organizational



A. Leadership:

* In collaboration with the leadership team, develops, leads and manages the clinical practice, quality and

safety of patient care of an interdisciplinary team (clinical and research) which may include practice assistant(s), certified diabetes educators, registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, medical assistants and others who are essential to the care delivery model.

* Participates in the hiring, supervision and performance evaluation associated with team

initiatives in collaboration

* Responsible for working with a dedicated practice assistant to coordinate care and meet patient care needs in conjunction with a variety of providers including; licensed independent providers acting in consultation, population managers, care managers, and others.

* Works collaboratively with team members to provide direct care, counseling and teaching to patients with diabetes.

* Provides comprehensive diabetes education in both one-on-one as well as group settings, which may include local travel among various primary care and specialty clinic sites.

* Provides patient instruction in the use and administration of injectable medications, Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems and insulin pump therapy.

* Works collaboratively with physicians and others to triage diabetes-specific clinical calls from patients and direct care appropriately

* Identifies opportunities for and initiates interdisciplinary collaboration to achieve team and patient goals.

* Utilizes available resources and methodologies to advance practice within the department and beyond, with

the aim of improving the care of all patients, particularly those most at risk for adverse outcomes.

* Seeks opportunities to disseminate clinical knowledge and nursing practice development through scholarly

journals, professional meetings and in keeping with the mission of an academic medical center, precepts students.

* Leads and/or participates in departmental, hospital and/or system-level committees and task forces as a

representative of the department, practice and the Department of Nursing as requested.

* Establishes effective interpersonal relationships with other nurses, clinical departments, and

interdisciplinary colleagues.

* Performs other related duties and responsibilities as required diabetes information with support of diabetes program team

B. Patient Care Organization

* In clinical care, performs in the role of Licensed Independent Practitioner and is responsible to work both independently and in collaboration with other providers to maintain a panel of patients.

* Provides direct care, counseling, and teaching to patients both in ambulatory and inpatient settings as needed.

* Performs physical examinations and provides preventive health measures appropriate to patient needs.

* Orders, interprets, and evaluates appropriate lab and diagnostic tests to assess patients' clinical problems

and health care needs.

* Arranges for appropriate plan of care and follow-up based on outcome of diagnostic, lab, and physical

assessment findings. Seeks consultation as appropriate.

* Orders medications and writes prescriptions according to organizational and regulatory policies and


* Records pertinent patient care findings in the electronic medical record.

* Sets priorities for appropriate and efficient management of patient care that reflects evidence based practice

and cost effective management of time, available human resources, supplies and equipment.

* Maintains an interdisciplinary approach to planning and communicating patient care information by

discussing patient data with appropriate providers, the clinical team and other health care professionals.

* Incorporates the concepts of health maintenance, prevention, and promotion into daily practice through

patient education and counseling. Assists patients and families in self-care management through the

provision of information, tools and resources.

* Demonstrates awareness of community resources and assists staff, patients, and families to effectively

utilize them.

C. Quality Monitoring

* Contributes to developing structure, processes and systems to improve

the care and disease management of patients.

* Engages in regular performance improvement activities. Uses performance and patient outcome data for

continuous quality improvement.

* Collaborates with the interdisciplinary team to refine team goals and

objectives and further ensures ongoing continuous improvements to the care delivery model.

* Analyzes, interprets and presents results to various audiences as appropriate including

senior organizational leaders, departmental and practice leaders, nursing leadership, colleagues, and staff.

* Translates themes uncovered through ongoing quality monitoring and evaluation into the care model and

the clinical practice of the interdisciplinary team.


MSN required, DNP preferred.

APRN license to practice in Massachusetts required

National Certification: Family or Adult-Gero Nurse Practitioner Certification required

Certified Diabetes Educator preferred

3 or more years of Primary care, Diabetes or Chronic Disease Management Nurse Practitioner experience strongly preferred

3 or more years of clinical experience in hospital or community-based practice setting – strongly prefer both

1 or more years of clinical research experience preferred

Demonstrated knowledge of hospital-based and community-based care – strongly prefer both

Experience working in a large complex health care organizations.

Experience working with a diverse patient population

Ability to work with a variety of information systems and databases: MS Word, PowerPoint, Access, and

electronic health record.

Knowledge of – and commitment to – the principles of team-based care and aware of local, regional, and

national trends in chronic disease care redesign and transformation.


Expert clinical knowledge, leadership and technical skills to achieve all aspects of the role.

Strong organizational skills with demonstrated managerial ability

Project management ability and skills

Ability to manage meetings to encourage participation and achieve results

Excellent written and oral communication/presentation skills

Demonstrated effectiveness as a team leader, member and facilitator

Ability to manage time and resources effectively to meet program deadlines and objectives

Problem-solving ability, data management and analysis

Ability to perform in fast-paces office, clinical and patient home settings.

Demonstrates knowledge of evidence based practice and assures clinical practice within the program is


Must possess the ability to function clinically both as an autonomous provider and as a member of an

interdisciplinary team.

Demonstrated ability to work collaboratively with a variety of clinical and administrative staff forming

strong partnerships.

Ability to function at the highest level professionally and clinically, must possess excellent interpersonal