Medical Technologist II, ASCP/ Blood Bank / 40 Hours / Day Shift / BWH / Pathology
Brigham & Women's Hospital
 Boston, MA
  1. Performs all tasks required, including but not limited to answering phone calls, specimen log in, filling orders and issuing products. Selects products for transfusion to minimize wastage. Shows good judgments in recognizing emergent situations and reacts appropriately. Interacts professionally with other departments to receive orders, respond to developing situations, and seeks technical guidance from senior technologist when appropriate. Manages the Coordinating Area in the absence of a Senior Technologist or when assigned.
  2. Demonstrates the ability to perform work in a manner that ensures accurate test results to include ABO, Rh, antibody screening, compatibility testing, direct antiglobulin test, transfusion reaction investigation. Maintains optimal workflow for the area and incorporates STAT requests in with routine testing. Follows up on samples with discrepant results and communicates with coworkers when additional work is required. Operates Blood Bank instrumentation efficiently. Performs basic troubleshooting. Performs QC and equipment maintenance. Shares responsibility for answering alarms and responds appropriately, including long term alarm inhibitions.
  3. Complies with cGMPs to manufacture components. Performs all tasks required to ensure accurate disposition of all products from the Component Lab. Performs all product modification tasks. Accurately logs blood products, tissue and supplies into inventory.
  4. Performs all Reference procedures, is able to recognize, investigate and resolve basic and intermediate serological problems to completion. Prioritizes and completes tasks, including associated paperwork, accurately and in a timely manner.
  5. Participates in projects to enhance the Blood Bank. Works independently towards completing projects within the assigned timeline.
  6. Is responsible for ensuring their own ongoing training and increasing their own knowledge of different areas within the Blood Bank. Completes annual required competency assessments. Participates in training Blood Bank employees, students and medical staff as assigned. Meets department requirements for continuing education.
  7. Adheres to the blood bank’s departmental standards for professionalism. Maintains an effective working relationship, and works collaboratively with supervisors, senior technologists, co-workers and other hospital employees. Is a positive role model and resource for staff. Employs effective communication skills when dealing with all BWH staff. Understands and promotes the BWH and Blood Bank Mission and Vision Statements. Adheres to BWH policies for BTU use, tardiness, breaks and computer Internet use. Familiar with and follows all policies and procedures for each area of the Blood Bank. Effectively prioritizes tasks to meet patient and departmental needs.
  8. Complies with all hospital safety requirements. Is knowledgeable about hospital policies concerning fire drills, OSHA regulations, hazardous waste management, chemical hygiene plan, and radiation safety.
  9. Performs all other duties as required.
  1. Requires Bachelor’s degree in Medical Laboratory Science or a related science.
  2. MT(ASCP) or BB(ASCP) or equivalent certification.
  3. Successful completion of the hospital’s Trustworthiness and Reliability assessment. Unescorted access to the Blood Bank Irradiators is a requirement of the position.