Clinical Care Technician/Unit Coordinator

Tufts Medical Center Boston, MA
* High school diploma or equivalent is required

* Certification Required

* Bilingual candidates are encouraged to apply

* Customer service skills are required

* Experience is required

* The Clinical Care Technician/Unit coordinator works under the supervision of the professional nurse and collaborates to meet the needs of the patient within the scope of the role. The clinical care technician assists in direct patient care, provides environmental support and facilitates patient safety. The clinical care technician has successfully completed and maintains competencies in role specific skills. The clinical care technician provides an environment supportive of the patient and family centered model of care.

Under the direction of the nurse manager or designee, performs a variety of clerical duties. Is the liason to other departments and is the key communication link between the multiple disciplines associated with patient care, customer service and smooth and efficient functioning of the unit.


Clinical Skills Assists the professional registered nurse in the functional care of patients, ensuring efficient and patient centered care appropriate to the developmental age of the patient population. Performs delegated tasks and communicates all findings/concerns to the professional nurse.

Provides, or assists patients with activities of daily living in a safe, efficient and respectful manner

Greets patients, families, visitors and other staff utilizing the principles of Tufts Medical Center service standards

Collects, records, and communicates the patient's clinical data to the assigned nurse in a timely manner

Prepares room for admission/transfer/discharge, assuring standardize equipment is ready for use

Transports or accompanies patients as necessary to other areas of the hospital in an efficient, safe, and respectful manner

Provides comfort measures such as positioning, changing linen, back rubs, etc. to patients in an efficient, safe, and respectful manner

Maintains patient and family confidentially at all times

Promotes patient activity by assisting with mobility and range of motion exercises as assigned

Sets up for procedures as requested by nursing/medical staff

Cleans and discards used equipment and supplies following procedures

Collects specimens and performs specimen testing, while maintaining Standard Precautions; prepares specimens for the lab

Responsible for care of biomedical equipment, checking par levels and working order for BP cuffs, EKG cables, leads, oximeter cables, etc. Sends malfunctioning equipment to Medical Engineering per established procedure

Cleans wounds and applies DSD after wound is assessed by nurse

Performs 12 lead EKG

Connects monitoring equipment to patient under the direction of the nurse

Cares for patient belongings. Completes belongings list

Primes intravenous tubing with solution containing no medication

Responds to patient and family requests promptly, seeking nurse's supervision as needed

Assists with patient care procedures as directed by the nurse, using proper body mechanics and ensuring patient dignity

Performs and documents patient's admission, transfer, and discharge tasks as requested by the nurse

Acts as a sitter as requested by the nurse, adhering to the sitter guidelines, to ensure patient safety at all times

Demonstrates the knowledge and skills necessary to provide care appropriate to the age of the patients being cared for

Answers call lights and seeks appropriate personnel/action

Performs hourly rounding per established guidelines

Performs other similar and related duties as required or directed

Promotes quality, safety, regulatory and patient and family satisfaction

Unit Coordinator Skills:

In constant communication with the Admission Discharge Transfer (ADT) Center on the status of all patients, including all transfers, admissions, discharges, bed changes, bed cleaning requests and possible changes made throughout the shift.

Responsible for review of the bed assignments and relaying this information to the charge nurse.

Informs nurse, appropriate service, intern, resident, and the ADT Center when new admissions arrive on the unit.

Assembles charts for admissions and disassembles chart for discharge according to hospital guidelines ensuring all necessary documents are included.

Prepares and maintains medical records, in accordance to Medical Center standards and policy, including labeling patient name on admission forms, filing all paperwork in medical record, sorting EKG's, x-rays, pathology reports, operative notes, progress notes, consultations, etc., for current, discharged, and transferred patients.

Labels patient names and updates bed boards, bedside charts, and computer information, including diet, condition, allergies, height and weight of new and current patients.

Transcribes physician orders to appropriate information sites, i.e., Sorian, nursing kardex, MAR (medication administration record), intervention sheet, diet sheet and other documents utilized and completes necessary follow through.

Promptly answers telephones, triages telephone calls, and call light intercom, using appropriate and approved etiquette, and notifies appropriate staff

Pages physicians and others via the hospital page system, maximizes the use of alpha paging when appropriate.

Promptly calls the hospital emergency operator to communicate emergencies using the Medical Center policy.

Utilizes hospital computer systems accurately to enter orders, verify orders, retrieve data and generate reports. Reports malfunction to help desk.

Under the direction of the professional nurse, coordinates all appropriate personnel for safe transport of patients.

Performs all duties and responsibilities particular to each unit as indicated on the individualized duty lists.

Assists with orientation and training of new unit coordinators as designated by the Nurse Manager in collaboration with the Central Staffing Office.

Participates on assigned committees and projects within the department or the hospital at the discretion of the Nurse Manager.

Upholds the standards of performance established by the Department of Patient Care Services at all times.

Notifies Nurse Manager and Staffing Coordinator if unable to perform any of the above responsibilities.

Completes other duties as assigned in order to fulfill the requirements of the Unit Coordinator position.

Provides clear, concise and helpful communication that encourage positive patient, family, visitor and staff experiences

Communication and Collaboration: The clinical care technician/Unit coordinator contributes to a positive work environment by maintaining open communications with others.

Introduces self to patients and family, asking patients and family how they would prefer to be addressed

Accepts assignments in a positive manner resolving any issues in a mature manner

Supports and promotes open communication with co-workers to ensure a positive environment

Interacts effectively with co-workers to resolve issues

Accepts constructive feedback on behavior and affects a positive change in a timely manner

Negotiates all scheduled breaks with nurse to ensure adequate coverage to meet the patient and unit needs

Climate and Environment: The clinical care technician/Unit Coordinator performs tasks to ensure a clean, clutter-free and safe work environment for patient's and staff

Maintains a clean and safe work environment for patients and staff

Cleans and stocks equipment and supplies to ensure adequate par levels to meet patients' needs

Reports non-functioning equipment and other environmental problems to the appropriate individuals in a timely manner

Appropriately and safely utilizes equipment common to the clinical area

Promotes responsible and efficient use of resources

Hospital Standards: As a member of the hospital community, the clinical care technician participates in the patient-family centered model of care, continually improving environment.

Maintains attendance standard as per policy

Begins work at the assigned time and remains until the end of the assigned shift

Completes mandatory education requirements

Uses resources appropriately and in a cost effective manner

Attends educational offerings when staffing on the floor allow.

Attends and participates in unit based staff meetings when appropriate. If unable to attend, reads and initials minutes

Notifies the nurse whenever he/she leaves unit

Maintains positive customer relations in all interactions

Utilizes resources in a careful manner


Possesses and applies the skills and knowledge necessary to provide care to patients throughout the life span, with consideration of aging processes, human development stages and cultural patterns in each step of the care process.

Ability to assist in providing care for a designated group of patients under the direction of a licensed nurse and according to unit guidelines hospital policies, procedures and protocols.

Must have excellent communication skills.

Must be able toperform in stressful situations and handle multiple priorities simultaneously while maintaining a positive and approachable demeanor.

Knowledge of computer systems and software with ability to learn and retain new applications. Knowlede fo Microsoft Office useful.

Has the skills and knowledge to provide care to the age groups of the population served including:

Knowledge of growth and development

Provide age appropriate communication

High School Diploma or equivalent

Completion of a certified nursing assistant training or equivalent (i.e. student affiliations, EMT Course, etc.)

minimum of 6 -12 months medical/administrative experience preferred.

Knowledge of computer systems.

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