Associate Director - Data Analytics

Northeastern University Boston, MA
The Associate Director of Data Analytics will work closely with the Associate Dean of Administration and Finance, Deans and Directors within the College of Computer & Information Science to ensure operational reporting needs are accurate, timely, and efficiently delivered as well as enhancing and maintaining an analytic infrastructure for student data analysis. The Associate Director will manage the division’s Tableau reporting environment and work closely with University Decision Support and Data Administration to ensure accurate reporting of student, enrollment, co-op, admissions, and retention data. The Associate Director will serve as the college’s Subject Matter Expert, providing support to the University’s community of data analysts with regard to university data, and serving on various university committees related to data standards.

CCIS has grown very quickly in the past four years and we are in need of creative and efficient processes to allow us to retrieve data. The following list includes examples of the projects this position will be working on:

* Create a dashboard/software application for teaching load and merit data that faculty can easily access. Ensure the accurate transfer of student, financial, advising, and scoring information into the application.

* Create a monthly fact sheet with official university data so reporting is consistent across the college and develop a dashboard where this information can be readily viewed.

* Assist the Associate Dean of Graduate Administration with the tracking of PhD support (advising and financial), milestones, and annual reviews by create a database where faculty can view this information on a regular basis

* Assist the Assistant Dean of Cooperative Education by creating a dashboard through Tableau or another application where co-op data is stored and can be easily assessable and viewed by the Deans, Directors and Co-op Faculty

* Ensure all applications and Tableau are maintained and data is updated as needed

* Support the Associate Dean, Deans, and Directors with various other software applications/reporting as needed

The Associate Director will work closely with Business Intelligence teams and other key areas to identify key business requirements for technological enhancements or any analytical systems/databases needs and issues.