Assistant Cooperative Education Coordinator - Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

Northeastern University Boston, MA
The College of Engineering has experienced significant growth in our graduate and undergraduate programs, and is seeking a Co-op Faculty member to work with our departmental engineering co-op students. Undergraduate, Masters and PhD student majors on our departmental team include the following disciplines: Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Industrial Engineering/Operations Research/Data Analytics. The Coordinator will work with both graduate and undergraduate students with an initial focus in Industrial Engineering, Data Analytics, Operations Research, and Mechanical Engineering.

Northeastern University is a national leader in cooperative education in which students alternate between academic study and work experiences. This is a full time, non-tenure track faculty position at the Assistant Cooperative Coordinator rank.


Employer Relations/Job Development: The Co-op Coordinator is expected to develop partnerships with employers by working with engineering managers and human resources contacts; develop new and maintain ongoing co-op positions and make appropriate referrals for students to apply to these positions; maintain a current understanding of the industry/field, employers, and positions. Activities to support this endeavor include site visits to new and existing employers and outreach to potential new co-op employers via alumni contacts, professional networking, etc.

Preparation of Students: The Co-op Coordinator will prepare students for the co-op search and work experience, both by teaching co-op related courses each semester, and through individual career advising meetings. Preparation includes teaching interviewing skills, resume writing, communication skills, professional behavior, ethics, and other relevant learning objectives. Additionally, the Coordinator will help to prepare the international student population for employment in the United Status. The Coordinator will be available to advise students during their co-op assignments, and will provide an opportunity for students to reflect about their co-op experiences.

Service: The Co-op Coordinator will also perform co-op, departmental, college, and university service as agreed upon by the Coordinator and Assistant Dean and Assistant Directors of departmental co-op for the College of Engineering. Further, she/he will be encouraged to engage in service opportunities outside the University to enhance the reputation of the co-op program and the University.

Integrated Learning: Cooperative education is an integral part of the academic experience at Northeastern and our philosophy is that learning in the classroom is enriched by practical experience, and practical experience enriches classroom dialogue. The Co-op Coordinator will collaborate with college faculty, administration and other co-op coordinators to help students integrate their co-op and academic experiences. She/he will also share knowledge of industry with academic faculty to integrate work-based learning with curriculum-based learning.