Paid Internship: Marcus Theatres Student Brand Ambassador Fall 2018 - Illinois State University, Bloomington, IL

Marcus Corporation Bloomington, IL
Marcus Theatres BrandAmbassador – Illinois State University, Bloomington, IL

Attention MarketingStudents: YOU can be a Marcus Theatres College Student Brand Ambassador!

Do you love going tothe movies? Ever been to a movie theatrethat features recliners, sometimes heated? Are you interested in an opportunity to share your passion for going tothe movies, promoting future titles, recliners and a delicious food and drinkmenu? Are you high-energy? Are you smartand able to demonstrate a mobile app? Doyou consider yourself presentable? Does success matter to you? Want to see free movies?!?

If so, we believe thatyou might be our next great Marcus Theatres Student Brand Ambassador!

If you are selectedto become our next Marcus Theatres Student Brand Ambassador you will:

* Effectivelypromote student-specific theatre value-days ($6 Student Thursdays)

* Strategicallydistribute student and non-student specific printed marketing collateral(flyers)

* Beknowledgeable of campus events to develop a strategically-sound plan

* Use theMarcus Theatre-specific social media page in addition to your own socialnetworks and post about upcoming promotions & activities

* Collectand present student & consumer feedback when directed

* Sign upnew members to Marcus Theatre's loyalty program: Magical Movie Rewards

* Besmart! You'll be sure to comply with campusand all legal guidelines.

These are some ofyour qualifying characteristics:

You are an engagedstudent on campus who is a master of campus the campus layout as well as whichgroups we should be working with and how to partner with them (studentrecognized organizations, Greek systems, clubs, etc.).

You are passionateabout going to the movies and consider yourself a regular at your theatre.

You appreciate ahigher standard of movie going experience that includes recliners, popcorn& sometimes burgers or pizza.

Your energy level isset at "high," you are social, engaging, happy and you know how to make workfun.

You are smart and ableto walk people through a mobile app able to describe the features and benefits.

You have anappreciation for goal-setting (developing a plan) and goal-attainment.

You're very organized whichmeans you can keep track of small inventories of things like passes, giveaways,flyers, etc.

You are nimble,adaptive and creative, ready with "Plan B" if necessary.

Your goodcommunication and organization skills will help with providing timely updatesand recaps including photos.

It's a good idea toapply because…

You are a fan of themovie going experience, and as such, you will be rewarded with free movies!

If passes aren'tenough, how about a nice hourly wage of $12.00/hr.

Your career plansinclude a marketing and communications future where this grassroots marketingopportunity will help provide you with valuable resume experience.

When: Fall semester2018 (Starts approximately the week of 9/3 through week of 11/15)

Hours: Five (5) hoursper week for 10 weeks