Operations Manager
 Blaine, MN
Position Overview:

The Operations Manager role directs the company’s overall operations, overseeing each project from sale through design, purchasing, panel production, engineering (programming), system start‐up, and customer invoicing. The position is responsible for entering each sales order into our project management database, scheduling and assigning employees to project tasks, purchasing all materials, managing the assembly of control panels, and ensuring project schedules remain on track. Additionally, the role is responsible for all customer billing and collections. The Operations Manager position is considered part of the management team and reports directly to the President of the company.

To be successful, candidates should have highly developed organizational, communication, and coordination skills and be able to apply those in a highly technical project management environment. Candidates should have an aptitude for direct personnel management, an entrepreneurial spirit, and the drive to self‐manage their own and their team’s work. Past significant experience in project management or operations management in an industrial or utility construction or manufacturing field is essential.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Create all project schedules. Upon receipt of a new sales order, generate a new project directory and project schedule. Define and schedule all tasks necessary for project completion and assign those tasks to specific employees with input from other management staff.

  • Oversee all projects as they move through the design, production, and engineering teams. Monitor actual‐to‐budget variances in hours and costs by project and task. Coordinate and execute final project close‐out steps.

  • Place all purchase orders for equipment once Design Team has completed drawings and generated bill of materials. Includes placing orders with equipment vendors, monitoring pricing, lead times, and delivery.

  • Manage Manufacturing Technicians responsible for production of control panels and related equipment.  

  • Generate, send, and collect on all customer invoicing. Requires understanding payment terms or lack thereof in project contracts, coordination with assigned Project Coordinator, and communication with customers and partners.

  • Generate and provide final project documents, example drawings, and operations and maintenance manuals to customers at project end.

  • Schedule and coordinate emergency and scheduled service calls. May include shifts taking 24/7 emergency phone line.

  • Other duties as assigned.


  • Possess a positive attitude, entrepreneurial drive, and willingness to learn.

  • Excellent project and/or operational management skills are imperative.

  • Able to prioritize and manage a team’s work efficiently while mindful of performance deadlines.

  • Advanced oral and written communication skills with vendors, customers, engineers, and fellow employees.

  • General understanding of water and wastewater industry, automation control systems preferred.

  • Minimum of a four‐year degree or equivalent in relevant technical field and four years of relevant experience in operations or project management. Additional years of relevant experience may be substituted for formal technical education.

Technical Capabilities:

  • Strong computer skills with experience using Microsoft Office Suite (Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel), Adobe, and reporting software.  Advanced skills using Microsoft Excel.

  • Skills and experience using project management software and purchasing software preferred. As examples, Microsoft Project Server and Sage 50, respectively.

  • Ability to read and interpret technical project documents, including project plans, electrical drawings, and equipment specifications.