Holter Monitor Tech

Tenet Healthcare Corporation Birmingham, AL
Education: High school graduation and nursing school completion or accreditation from ATI or Prep MD and completion of EKG and Arrhythmia Interpretation class.

Certification: Certification from the International Board of Heart Rhythm Examiners (IBHRE) for competency in Cardio Rhythm Device Therapy for Allied Health

Experience: Work requires a level knowledge of patient care methods, procedures and techniques. Six Months EKG experience preferred.

Other Requirements: None

Performance Requirements:


* Knowledge of performing cardiac device screenings.

* Understanding proper operation of Cardiac devices and equipment.

* Knowledge of using medical equipment including stethoscope, scales, and blood pressure cuff, etc.

* Knowledge of Electronic Health Systems.

* Knowledge of ICD-9 and CPT codes.

* Knowledge of the policies and procedures of a clinic sufficient to provide effective patient care.


* Skill in multi-tasking.

* Skill in customer service.

* Skill in computer hardware and software use.

* Skill in verbal and written communication.

* Skill in exercising a high degree of initiative, judgment, discretion, and decision-making to achieve organizational objectives.

* Skill in analyzing situations accurately and taking effective action.

* Skill in establishing and maintaining effective working relationships with employees, policy-making bodies, third-party venders, patients, and the public.

* Skill in organizing work, making assignments, and achieving goals and objectives.

* Skill in exercising judgment and discretion in developing, applying, interpreting, and coordinating departmental policies and procedures.


* Displays the ability to triage phone calls

* Ability to multi-task, manage details and organize efficiently and effectively.

* Ability to read, interpret, and apply policies and procedures.

* Ability to set priorities among multiple requests.

* Ability to interact with patients, medical and administrative staff, and the public effectively.

* Ability to use EMR, other relevant computer hardware and software, telephone, copier, fax machine and other standard medical office equipment.

Cardiac Electrophys