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Responsible for the investigation, evaluation, negotiation and settlement of assigned physical damage, property damage and minor casualty claims. Ensures that all assigned claims are concluded promptly, equitably and economically within the provisions of the insurance contract and in accordance with the damages.



* 1. Completes selected courses, classes and programs needed for the further development in the areas of coverage, laws, investigation and industry trends related to the field of claims adjusting. Must pass any

required licensing as established by states assigned. A passing average must be maintained on all selected/required courses. Required course work must be completed within a specific time frame not to exceed twelve months from date of promotion to the position. State Licensing must be secured within guidelines for specific state. Formal Performance Evaluations must result in "Meets expectation" or higher rating. An acceptable level of competencies pertaining to the position must be maintained.

* 2. Reviews loss notices to determine the exposure and assures that those exposures have been properly established via the loss system. Exposures are to be recognized and entered within company guidelines for Best Practices.

* 3. Ensures that contacts are made with insureds and claimants on the same day that loss assignment is received.

* 4. Determines proper coverage quickly. Coverage questions are to be handled utilizing the proper reservation of rights letter and/or non-waiver agreements. The proper investigation of coverage is to be made as quickly as possible.

* 5. Conducts investigations to establish liability utilizing sound investigative procedures. Telephone contact is to be made with insureds, claimants and witnesses within company guidelines for Best Practices.

* 6. Answers correspondence received in conjunction with a claim within company guidelines for Best Practices.

Exhibits good customer service skills in all phases of claims handling.

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* 7. Handles all claims within the guidelines of the states which the adjuster is assigned and in conjunction with the insurance laws and any other applicable laws applying to the claim. Adheres to Fair Claim Practices Acts established for the respective states.

* 8. Provides investigative reports promptly and prepares clear and concise file documentation within company guidelines for Best Practices. Other reporting is to be done as required in conjunction with the procedures


* 9. Assigns appraisals when required within company guidelines for Best Practices. Audits and verifies all appraisals, expense bills or other items which are presented for payment consideration. All payments are to be made within company guidelines for Best Practices.

* 10. Recommends to management further action, all reserve increases and requests settlement authority on those claims which exceed the individual's authority.

* 11. Evaluates and negotiates a settlement of claims with insureds, claimants and attorneys following the settlement authority guidelines established by management.

* 12. Ensures that the proper release forms and subrogation forms are completed and secures same to properly protect the insured and the Company.

* 13. Maintains and works a diary that has been established on each file assigned within departmental guidelines.

* 14. Required to achieve an acceptable rating on all audits.

* 15. Ensures that all subrogation is quickly identified and that proper subrogation letters are sent to responsible parties. Identifies salvage and reports to the Salvage Unit for handling. All subrogation and salvage is to be set up within the claims system as soon as recovery potential is recognized.

* 16. Ensures that all time sensitive documents are handled timely and brought to the attention of management and the National Casualty Unit.

* 17. Must have regular predictable attendance.

18. Performs all other duties as assigned.


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INTERNAL: Customer Services, Accounting, Information Systems

EXTERNAL: Insureds, claimants, agents, lawyers, vendors, appraisers, other insurance carriers and state insurance departments






Internal Candidates:

A minimum of one (1) year claim handling experience. Prior completion of all training for the Inside Initial Action Adjuster I or PIP Specialist I Training Checklist required. Demonstrated proficiency in all areas of performance.

External Candidates:

One (1) year of property and casualty handling experience which includes investigation and negotiation of claims.

All Candidates:

1. Must have excellent planning and organizing skills.

2. Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills. Some positions may require specific bilingual skills.

3. Must have the ability to deal with conflict in a professional, effective manner.

4. Must apply for and possess on a timely basis all applicable licenses required by the State to which the individual is assigned.

5. Ability to handle claims via on-line claims system.

Commercial Vehicle Adjuster I.doc


1. Workload could vary greatly. Must be able to work effectively amid constant interruptions and to meet deadlines.

2. Must be tactful and diplomatic in dealing with agents, insureds, claimants, attorneys and others. This job requires a high degree of tolerance due to the volume of telephone calls and the irate nature of many of the calls.

3. Must make decisions quickly and with minimal input from supervisor. Decisions made have a considerable human and financial consequence for the Company and for the claimant.


Employees understand our commitment to a positive work environment and dedication to the utmost in service. Advancement opportunities include skill training and career paths for many positions. We take the time to get to know our customers and recognize the importance of building long-term relationships – with our business clients as well as our hardworking employees.

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