Family Group Decision Making Coordinator
State of Montana
 Billings, MT

Successful applicant(s) are required to complete and pass applicable DPHHS Division specific Background Check(s).

Women (and/or) minorities may be under-represented in this position and are encouraged to apply.

Materials Required of Applicants:

(to be considered in this pool, please submit the following)

  • Supplemental Question:
  • Please describe how your work experience makes you qualified to be a Family Engagement Coordinator?
  • Resume
  • Three Professional References

The overall purpose of the FGDM Coordinator is to effectively plan and facilitate meetings for families that are efficient, thorough, productive, sensitive to participants needs, and uniquely tailored to the status and circumstances of each individual case, so that ideally, the Department can achieve inclusive outcomes with the extended support circles of clients that are in the best interest of children. The oversight of the entire meeting process is crucial to the success of this approach to case management.

Preparation for FGDM Meetings (pre-meeting activities)

  • Assess ALL newly opened cases to determine if FGDM is an appropriate case management tool. Ensure that forms required by policy (referrals, consent) are completed.
  • Meet (or correspond) with parent(s) to provide thorough understanding of the FGDM process and potential benefits, including discussion and development of the invitation list and identification of meeting related safety factors.
  • Conduct a thorough search for all known parents and/or extended family members.
  • Prepare/contact all other invited family members, friends, professionals, Tribes, and service providers for participation in the meeting. Maintain current contact list.
  • Draft and send all written correspondence related to setting up the meeting, including invitations, agendas, brochures, letters to incarcerated parents, etc.
  • Locate, schedule, and prepare the meeting room in advance. Make arrangements for refreshments and/or meals as needed, as well as special needs (conference call).
  • Commit Dept. funds as necessary for travel of family and/or other meeting participants.
  • Travel within the region as needed.

Facilitate FGDM Meetings (Initial and Review)

  • Guide the discussion and remain neutral in the meeting to ensure that all identified agenda items are covered in a timely, but thorough manner.
  • Utilize the recognized “phases“ of FGDM as identified in policy, including Opening; Information Sharing; Family Alone Time; Case planning (plan development); and Closure.
  • Keeps the discussion on task using basic facilitation and mediation skills. Re-direct participants, diffuse hostility, and provide breaks as needed. Track the discussion on a flip chart.

Post meeting activities

  • Complete necessary case related documentation: draft and send out a summary of the meeting that accurately reflects the discussion that took place; CAPS screens
  • De-brief with the assigned social worker, other agency staff, or family members who attended. Respond to any concerns/complaints from meeting participants.
  • Keep track of all expenditures related to holding the meeting and provide report to the regional fiscal officer.
  • Maintain data and statistics on meetings held as directed by the management team.
  • Clean the meeting room.

General: Training / Policy / Meetings

  • Facilitate FGDM related trainings at MCAN when held in the incumbent's region. Provide regional 'refresher' trainings for Social Workers on how to prepare for and participate in FGDM's. Provide regional trainings for workers to actually facilitate FGDM meetings themselves, as directed by the Regional Administrator.
  • Draft and re-write FGDM policy to ensure statewide continuity of service. Ensure that ALL agency policy is followed within FGDM meetings.
  • Make recommendations to the Management Team about program changes and best practice trends in FGDM nationwide. Respond to requests of management.
  • Regularly attend case transfer meetings, permanency staffing, and/or regional management meetings based on the needs of the assigned region.
  • Participates as member of hiring committees as requested by regional management
  • Adheres to agency policy regarding confidentiality.

Required for the first day of work:

  • Ability to remain neutral and objective during decision-making.
  • Ability to manage a variety of group dynamics in a process that is complicated and fraught with diverse opinions.
  • Be self-motivated to achieve work goals.
  • Ability to work as a member of a team.
  • Ability to assume a leadership role within meetings and as a member of the regional management team.
  • Ability to think on his/her feet during meetings when sensitive, complex, or unexpected issues arise.
  • Ability to convey information to others at a number of different cognitive levels; diffuse hostility both during and outside of FGDM meetings.
  • Must demonstrate awareness of cultural diversity and cultural sensitivity.
  • Ability to maintain good working relationships with regional Tribes.
  • Ability to make fiscally responsible decisions and demonstrate appropriate use of agency funds/direct bill accounts.
  • Must be very independent, self-motivated, and have the ability to persuade agency staff (including supervisors) and community partners of the value of the FGDM process.
  • Must find constructive solutions to working with agency staff, partners, and families who are resistant to change.
  • Bachelor's degree in social work, human services or psychology, or directly-related degree.
  • Two years of social services work experience, or directly-related work experience, working with children and families in difficult and sometimes volatile situations. Child protection work experience and professional certification preferred. Experience working with tribal government entities and/or other organizations of native peoples is highly preferred.
  • Other combinations of education and experience maybe considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Must possess a valid MT driver's license