Software Test Engineer
 Beverly, MA

Sustainability Engineering Co-op

The Sustainability Engineering Co-op position will be responsible for collecting and analyzing data from the Schneider Electric Building Management system, and the Schneider Electric Building Analytics system. The Building Management and Analytics systems are crucial to the functionality of the plant with regard to the operation of all mechanical systems including HVAC, Compressed Air, Toxic Exhaust, Process Cooling, DI water, and Electrical Distribution, 50 Hertz Power Generation, and building energy efficiency management. The Building management system also includes the security access, and lighting systems.

The goal of the data collection and analysis is to create energy requirements baselines for each mechanical system, and utilize this data in preparing EPA Energy Star or LEED building certification applications. In addition to creating baseline energy data, the Sustainability Engineering Co-op will work closely with the Facilities Manager to potentially identify opportunities for system modifications that could improve overall energy efficiencies.

Secondarily, the Sustainability Engineering Co-op will collect and analyze energy consumption data from new product models in order to create baseline process energy consumption data for each product according to methods described in SEMI S23 “Guide for Conservation of Energy, Utilities and Materials Used by Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment“

Additionally, the Sustainability Engineering Co-op will produce CAD drawings as needed for proposed facility reconfigurations, or other facilities related projects. The Sustainability Engineering Co-op will also support the plant's ISO 14001 Environmental management System through the data collection and analysis of environmental aspects (consumption of electricity, natural gas and other fuels, fossil fuel consumption for employee commuting, contribution to climate change, water consumption, solid and hazardous waste generation, and air emissions.

Required Skills

The successful candidate should have a bachelor's degree in engineering and be a candidate in a Master's program in Sustainability Engineering. The candidate will have a working knowledge of the operation of Facilities systems mentioned above, familiarity with EPA Energy Star or LEED certified building application procedures, and familiarity with ISO 14001 environmental management systems. The candidate should also have proficiency in Microsoft office programs, and CAD.