Chef Manager

NexDine is hiring!

We're looking for an experienced and friendly Chef Manager to lead our private school cafeteria team in Bethlehem, New Hampshire!

Competitive pay and benefits!

(employment is contingent upon passing a background)

The (year-round) Chef Manager is responsible for overseeing all culinary and operational functions for our private school cafeteria in Bethlehem, New Hampshire during the regular school year and during the summer for camp (during the weeks that camp is scheduled). The schedule can be flexible however the Chef Manager is still responsible for all activities in the cafeteria when the school is open including school breaks and weekends. The cafeteria offers breakfast, lunch and dinner to its students.

As the Chef Manager you will manage and lead a small team of associates and oversee all safety and sanitation as it pertains to this account. Additionally as the Chef Manager of the account you will be responsible for the following responsibilities.

Chef Manager Responsibilities:

* Plan and create all menus (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and serve as necessary

* Manage a team of employees

* Manage all financials, inventory, purchasing, etc.

* Oversee all customer service issues

* Roll out new culinary programs in conjunction with NexDine's culinary team

* Act as the direct liaison with the client


* Prior Chef Manager experience

* Must have a great personality and ability to multi-task and interact with students, faculty and staff

* Be flexible with scheduling and reliable

At NexDine, we understand that our people make us a leader in dining services. We pride ourselves in cultivating a company culture that guides, instructs, and empowers every NexDine team member to achieve their best.

We hire and keep great people'with a retention rate that far exceeds the industry standard'because we respect the value of every member on our team. We cultivate their desire to grow. And we don't mandate a customer service mentality, but empower our people to make the choices that ensure every NexDine customer is satisfied with our dining service.

NexDine's commitment to our team members:

1. Provide best-in-class wages and benefits.

2. Give employees all the job training and tools they can absorb.

3. Let them take ownership for what they want to do.

4. Treat each person with enormous gratitude and respect.

NexDine is an Equal Opportunity Employer