Test Administrator

 Bethany Beach, DE

Job Title: Test Administrator

Requirements: The candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • Minimum Qualification:

A baccalaureate degree from a regionally accredited American college/university

A minimum of one-year experience in related professional work.

Proficient with Microsoft Office software desirable.

Specific Tasks:

Administer, as needed, enlisted PME; Airman Leadership School, NCO Academy; Senior NCO Academy.

Administer all Air University Distributed Learning (AFIADL) end-of- course (EOC) examinations including Career Development Courses (CDC) and non-resident professional military education, using e-testing.

Any test required by the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine Corp, or Coast Guard that is not normally administered through the local military test control officer.

Provide quality educational testing support to testers.

Prepare relevant forms required to ensure sessions begin promptly.

Remain physically present during the entire test session unless relieved by an appropriate authority (TCO/ATCO).

Administer test in accordance with instructions provided in testing handbooks, test examiner guides, and TCO/ATCO instructions to ensure no possibility of test compromise.

Submit monthly with the invoice for payment. Invoice shall be received within two business days after last testing unit of the month.

Use the Air Force Automated Education Management System (AFAEMS) to access list of people scheduled to test and update test roster indicating start, stop, and/or no show.

Perform administrative requirements prior to testing to include proper spacing between seats, adequate lighting, heat/air, computer equipment is operational. Ensure testing office and testing room is kept in a condition conducive to good test performance. Report heating/cooling problems in the testing room to the facility manager or alternate.

Prepare student computers prior to testing session for computer-based tests.

Require all examinees to present official DoD picture identification before allowing them to test.

Check test materials for marks/missing pages before issuing them to students, if paper based.

Maintain official log for all tests, showing the name, test title, start and stop times for all test intervals and ensure each examinee signs this log prior to departure.

Ensure all timing limits are adhered to and the examinee is aware of the time requirements for each test.

Review each answer sheet as it is submitted by the examinee to ensure proper completion, if paper based

. Check each reusable answer booklet as it is returned for marks and erase them completely. Check all booklets for missing pages and enter the time they are returned in the test log.

Lock the testing office doors when leaving the testing office.

Inform TCO/ATCO immediately of any irregularities, which may represent the potential for a test compromise or complaint from a testing candidate.

Maintain a file of special-order tests and handle all follow-up associated with these tests.

Maintain statistical data related to test administration as required by TCO/ATCO and assist with monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual reports by established deadlines.

Maintain all documents and correspondence files in a neat and orderly manner. Separate files by calendar year. Contractor will be responsible to notify the file records custodian of files needed.

Process all necessary paperwork required for optimum operation of testing program.

Refer all questions on schedule changes or testing policy to the TCO/ATCO and all questions on interpretation or application of test results to the counselors.

Maintain currency of all testing in AFAEMS and e-test; update electronic inventories in AFAEMS when administered. Set up the computer lab daily and verify correct examinations to be administered. AU course exams will be checked in the testers CDSAR account to verify exam number.

Meet all necessary requirements for base Local Area Network (LAN) computer access, and base access security background check. All credentials must be returned prior to departure for any reason before the contract expires; e.g. terminated for cause, retirement.

  • Estimated Workload Data:

Candidate will work approximately 147 units per fiscal year (One unit is equal to six hours). Each unit will include test and administrative time.

Units will be scheduled Monday-Friday.

It is estimated 3 units will normally be required per week, and each unit will require approximately 6 hours not including a lunch break.

Candidate will administer approximately 3,600 tests annually to members of all services and eligible civilians.

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