Order Filler

Patterson Companies Bessemer, AL

Job Summary

Using order wave pick generated by customer invoices, accurately selects product from distribution center stock locations and assembles orders for delivery to check. Follows order filling team guidelines for pre-packing orders.


Essential Functions

* Obtains packet of invoices with corresponding wave pick list from traffic area;

* Sets up cart to accommodate invoices in the wave pick;

* Logs wave pick into warehouse management system using a PC and a scanner;

* Picks product from distribution center stock according to wave pick list and organizes on cart;

* Brings completed invoices to checking area;

* Alerts the supervisor to product non-conformances (i.e. item count, location errors, product damage, etc.).

Detail regarding these essential functions is provided in order filling work instructions.

Other Functions

* Keeps the distribution center aisles clear and maintains integrity of storage locations;

* Maintains the housekeeping and sanitation standards of the distribution center;

* Performs other duties as assigned or requested.

Performance and Conduct Standards

* Performs duties at or above productivity and accuracy standards;

* Supports the company goals for quality and continuous improvement;

* Contributes to an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation among all distribution center staff.

Physical Requirements



100% of shift


100% of shift


100% of shift

Pushing and pulling wheeled ladder or cart, up to 300 pounds

100% of shift

40% of shift

40% of shift