Maintenance Assistant

Bernice Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, LLC Bernice, LA
General Description

Under the direction of the Director of Maintenance, the Maintenance Assistant is

responsible for the daily maintenance of the grounds, Facility and equipment in a safe

and efficient manner.

Essential Duties

1. Provides a safe, clean environment for residents in accordance with Resident Care

Policies and Procedures.

2. Adjusts to changes in shift assignments to meet Facility needs.

3. Adheres to the long range, short range, and daily plans for the maintenance

services of the Facility.

4. Reports and responds to system failures immediately.

5. Verifies that the Facility and its equipment are properly maintained for resident

comfort and convenience.

6. Keeps work areas hazard-free and clean.

7. Follows a regular maintenance schedule and performs unscheduled clean up

whenever needed.

8. Addresses family satisfaction issues immediately in a professional manner.

9. Participates as assigned in the orientation of new staff and demonstrates a

positive, helpful, and enthusiastic attitude.

Standard Requirements

1. Supports the Mission, Values and Vision of the Facility.

2. Is knowledgeable of resident rights and supports an atmosphere which allows for

the privacy, dignity and well-being of all residents in a safe, secure environment.

3. Supports, cooperates with, and implements specific procedures and programs for:

OSHA and safety, including universal precautions and safe work practices,

established fire/safety/disaster plans, risk management, and security, report and/or

correct unsafe working conditions, equipment repair and maintenance needs.

4. Adheres to:

a. Confidentiality of all data, including resident, employee and operations


b. HIPAA regulations

c. Quality Assurance requirements and compliance with regulatory


d. Compliance with current law and policy to provide a work environment

free from sexual harassment and illegal and discriminatory behavior.

e. Code of Conduct and Compliance Programs when performing job


5. Supports and participates in common teamwork:

a. Cooperates and works together with all co-workers; plans and completes

job duties with minimal supervisory direction, including appropriate


b. Uses tactful, appropriate communications in sensitive and emotional


c. Follows up as appropriate with supervisor, co-workers or residents

regarding reported complaints, problems and concerns.

d. Promotes positive public relations with residents, family members and


e. Completes requirements for in-service training, acceptable attendance,

uniform and dress codes including personal hygiene, and other work

duties as assigned.

f. Participates as assigned in the orientation of new staff and demonstrates a

positive, helpful, and enthusiastic attitude.

6. Immediately reports incidents of alleged resident abuse or neglect or alleged

violations of residents' rights to Supervisor or Executive Director.

7. Maintains current practice standards or changes by participating in educational

opportunities provided by the Facility and outside resources.

Other Duties

Perform tasks which are supportive in nature to the essential functions of the job, but

which may be altered or redesigned depending upon individual circumstances. Performs

other work duties as assigned.


Education/Training: High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.

A.D.A ((Americans with Disabilities Act)(as amended)) REQUIREMENTS: Must be

able to bend, stoop, push, pull, and walk and stand for most of the working day. Requires

manual dexterity sufficient to operate standard office machines such as fax, telephone,

etc. Requires normal range of hearing and vision. Must be free from communicable

diseases that pose a "direct threat" to the health or safety of others and which cannot be

eliminated by a reasonable accommodation. Must be able to lift a minimum of 100

pounds, and be able to carry and transport supplies. Must be able to pass a post-offer, preemployment

physical health examination as a condition of employment. Must be capable

of performing the essential functions of the job, with or without reasonable


Skill(s): Must possess proficient reading, writing, grammar, and mathematics skills;

proficient interpersonal relations and communication skills; decision-making skills, basic

computer skills; and be able to operate various medical and/or office equipment. Must

demonstrate knowledge of safety techniques. Must be able to communicate in English,

both verbally and in writing, and possess sufficient communication skills to perform the

tasks required.

Experience: Experience in a related field.

Receipt and Acknowledgment

I acknowledge and understand that:

Receipt of the job description does not imply nor create a promise of employment, nor

an employment contract of any kind, and that my employment is at-will.

The job description provides a general summary of the position in which I am

employed. The contents of this job description are job requirements and, at this time, I

know of no limitations which would prevent me from performing these functions with or

without reasonable accommodation. I further understand that it is my responsibility to

inform my supervisor at any time that I am unable to perform these functions.

Job duties, tasks, work hours and work requirements may be changed at any time.

Acceptable job performance includes completion of the job responsibilities as well as

compliance with the policies, procedures, rules and regulations of the Facility.

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