Temporary Merchandising Assistant

Employment Type


Position Description

Completes work assignments and priorities in the Merchandising area by using policies, data, and resources; collaborating with managers, coworkers,

customers, and other business partners; identifying priorities, deadlines, and expectations; carrying out tasks; communicating progress and

information; determining and recommending ways to address improvement opportunities; and adapting to and learning from change, difficulties, and


Contributes to the management of key financial metrics by generating reports from Retail Link; providing item procurement history, results, and

planning for upcoming events; creating and tracking cost reductions and co-ops; working with suppliers and Finance to correct and resolve issues;

and creating and sending product offers to Members.

Coordinates activities for category product demonstrations, new programs, and promotions by communicating with buyers, suppliers, and

Replenishment; scheduling demonstrations; preparing materials (for example, sales sheets, scripts, club list); determining cost and sell by state, city,

county, and club; creating multiple new items per month; ordering promotions and tracking to ensure delivery; reporting results; communicating

processes, direction, and issues to Field Management, suppliers, and associates; and drafting program direction.

Creates and maintains item files by determining and scheduling product flow to clubs; building new item forms (for example, pack size pallet

configuration, Universal Product Code (UPC)); verifying item pricing and distribution; creating direct-ship purchase orders; creating pack sell cost

changes; processing item status changes and markdowns; communicating item number to Replenishment to facilitate ordering; and tracking stock

keeping unit (SKU) budgets; implementing inventory adjustments (for example, markdowns, liquidations, returns).

Manages and resolves Remedy tickets, club calls, and Member requests by responding to communication from clubs and suppliers (for example,

emails, phone calls); dispatching communication regarding pricing errors, compliance, and Member requests to Clubs; processing bottle deposits and

cash redemption value (CRV); figuring cost and sell by state, city, county, and package; and linking CRV or bottle deposits to product item numbers.

Provides administrative support by running routine and ad hoc reports (for example, club, supplier, Member history); assisting the buyer with category

reviews; maintaining supplier and Member files; filing quality control results; tracking preproduction and production testing for item and supplier;

requesting and handling Buyer samples; answering telephone calls and emails; and reconciling Member account and payment issues.

Processes special orders or requests by gathering item information; reviewing item requests from Clubs to determine item availability; checking

current stock keeping unit (SKU) budget for clubs; following up on out-of-date issues to determine if additional credit is available for clubs; and setting

forecasting on new items.

Complies with company policies, procedures, and standards of ethics and integrity by implementing related action plans; using the Open Door Policy;

and applying these in executing business processes and practices.

Minimum Qualifications

Customer/Member Centered: Serve the Customer/Member - Shows care and concern when serving our customers/members. Asks questions in order

to understand customer/member needs. Uses policies and information in order to exceed customer/member expectations. Finds and uses the right

resources (people, products, tools) at the right time in order to resolve customer/member requests.

Judgment: Make Effective Choices - Uses policies, procedures, and/or guides to make good choices. Uses data and facts in order to make day-to-day

decisions and involves others as needed. Recognizes what might be a problem and informs those who can correct it.

Planning and Improvement: Plan for and Improve Work - Accepts responsibility and meets expectations for own work. Identifies steps needed in order

to carry out work as required.

Influence and Communicate: Share Information - Listens to others and asks questions to learn about what is needed. Communicates the right

information to associates and leaders when they need it. Communicates in a respectful and professional manner.

Execution and Results: Get Results - Makes sure work is done correctly. Works on top priorities first. Makes a consistent effort to get results. Meets

deadlines. Takes action in order to solve problems so work can be completed in a timely manner.

Ethics and Compliance: Perform to Ethical Standards - Follows company policies and procedures (for example, the Ten Foot Rule). Shows integrity

and ethical behavior in all work situations. Reports ethical and compliance issues promptly.

Adaptability: Adapt - Adapts to changing work demands. Stays focused on own work when faced with change or difficulties. Stays open to and learns

from assignments and feedback.

Additional Preferred Qualifications

Physical Activities

The following physical activities are necessary to perform one or more essential functions of this position.

Enters and locates information on computer.

Sits or stands for long periods of time.

Communicates effectively in person or by using telecommunications equipment.

Creates documents, reports, etc., using a writing instrument (such as a pencil

or pen) or computer.

Visually verifies information, often in small print.

Reads information, often in small print.

Preferred Qualifications

1 year experience using the intermediate functions of Microsoft Office (for example, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook).