MCHS Special Education Teacher

Marshall County Schools Benton, KY
TITLE: Special Education Teacher

QUALIFICATIONS: Valid Kentucky Certification

REPORTS TO: Principal


* Maintains at all times an orderly learning atmosphere and keeps the Principal and Special Education Coordinator fully informed of the special education program's activities and problems.

* Assists in proper referrals of individuals in the process of diagnosing students.

* Participates in the evaluation and admission process of students for entry into the appropriate special education program.

* Determines specific learning problems, skill deficiencies, and/or social adjustment difficulties of the student, and helps initiate the appropriate educational program as established by federal, state, local, and SBDM regulations/policies.

* Assists in compiling case history data on those cases where additional family history, health history, early development history, and environmental history are deemed appropriate.

* Collaborates with other staff and parents to develop the IEP for each student assigned.

* Evaluates the progress of each child enrolled in the supplemental and/or regular classroom activities.

* Prepares on-going progress and year-end evaluations, administering pre-tests and post-tests as appropriate and necessary.

* Provides appropriate individualized programs of instruction to meet individual student needs.

* Schedules classes for instruction geared toward specific IEP objectives, and strives to discover specific teaching techniques that will prove most beneficial with each individual student served.

* Devises and experiments with a variety of innovative instructional techniques (with priority being given to the IEP objectives) consistent with the needs and capabilities of each student with impaired learning ability involved.

* Provides instruction in the life goal domains-personal management, community, school, domestic, and vocational.

* If applicable, coordinates community-based instruction and on-site vocational training and opportunities that help students with moderate to severe disabilities be productive members of regular education classes and school functions.

* Shares duties of the school as assigned by the Principal, and supervises pupils in out-of-classroom activities during the assigned working day.

* Observes the Board approved "chain of command" in airing grievances and in communicating suggestions for improving school operations.

* Plans and supervises purposeful assignments for instructional assistants and/or parent volunteers, if applicable, and cooperatively works with coordinators/Principals in evaluating their job performance.

* Attends faculty meetings and Parent/Teachers Organization meetings, and serves on staff/district and SBDM Council committees as assigned.

* Participates in school-based decision making, including electing teacher Council representatives, serving on the Council, and/or providing input and feedback on all matters relating to the operation of the school in his/her building.

* Supports or participates in school-wide student activities and social events and approved fund-raising activities if applicable.

* Always maintains the highest professional standards in personal conduct.

* Performs related duties and assumes other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Principal or the Superintendent.

Approved 8/17/07

I have read and understand the terms set forth in this job description.

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