District Maintenance Worker

Marshall County Schools Benton, KY

CLASS TITLE: Maintenance Worker


Perform semi-skilled to skilled maintenance, repair and construction of district buildings and equipment; perform semi-skilled to skilled work in one or more of the building maintenance trades; assist journey-level trades personnel as needed; work independently in one of the less complex building trades.


Maintenance Worker II incumbents perform a majority of duties at the semi-skilled to skilled level in one or more of the building maintenance trades, use independent judgment in making decisions based on training, knowledge and experience and assist Maintenance Technicians with complex and major work projects. Maintenance Worker I incumbents perform routine and unskilled to semi-skilled maintenance and repair to buildings and equipment, assist maintenance personnel with maintenance projects and work alone on less difficult projects or assignments.


* Perform semi-skilled to skilled maintenance, repair and construction of district buildings and equipment in one or more of the building maintenance trades including locksmithing, carpentry, electrical, painting, plumbing, and heating and air conditioning.

* Assist journey-level trade's workers and maintenance personnel with a variety of maintenance, repair and construction; perform independently on less difficult projects and assignments as assigned.

* Assist locksmith to install, adjust, repair and replace locks and door hardware; inspect locks for proper operation and implement a preventive maintenance program for locking mechanisms, panic bars, door closures and other hardware; re-key and re-pin locks as needed and maintain related charts and records.

* Assist in the construction, installation and maintenance of roofs, furniture, fences, bookshelves, cabinets, shelving, chalkboards and bulletin boards.

* Assist in the installation, repair and maintenance of gas and water lines, heating and cooling equipment, electric fixtures and outlets; replace broken toilet seats, flush valve diaphragms, seals and gaskets; clean plugged drains, stop leaks, adjust water pressure and clean work area upon completion of work.

* Assist in the installation, repair and mechanical repairs on such equipment as vacuum cleaners, buffers, electric clocks, washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and other small appliances.

* Prepare surfaces for painting, mix paints, finishes and other coatings and apply to equipment, buildings, and furniture and district facility structures.

* Assist in the construction of forms and metal work, pour concrete and perform finish work; perform masonry, repair and construction with brick and block.

* Strip, wax and buff floors; wash windows; clean carpeted areas; sweep and wash sidewalks and classrooms; dust rooms and furniture and perform a variety of related custodial duties.

* Maintain records of time, costs and materials needed in the maintenance and repair of district equipment and facilities; prepare work orders for more difficult and complex repairs of larger work projects.

* Operate a wide variety of tools and equipment including motor vehicles, fork lift, key-cutting machine, electric cart; steam cleaner, grinder, stripper, waxer, buffer, carpet cleaner, power hand tools, saws and hand tools used in the building maintenance trades.

* Punctual and regular in attendance.

* Perform related duties as assigned.


Knowledge of:

* Tools, equipment, methods and materials used in unskilled to semi-skilled maintenance in at least one of the building maintenance and construction trades.

* Operation and use of hand and power tools and equipment.

* Requirements of maintaining buildings and facilities in good repair.

* Requirements of maintaining school buildings in a safe, clean and orderly condition.

* Cleaning equipment, tools, materials and supplies used in custodial work.

* Basic record-keeping techniques.

* Health and safety regulations and procedures.

* Proper methods of storing equipment, materials and supplies.

* Proper lifting techniques.


* Perform semi-skilled work in the construction, renovation, maintenance and repair of building, facilities and furniture.

* Operate basic maintenance tools and equipment.

* Assist skilled personnel in the maintenance and repair of buildings and facilities.

* Use common cleaning equipment and supplies safely and efficiently.

* Move and arrange furniture and equipment for meetings and special events.

* Observe and report safety hazards and need of maintenance and repair.

* Maintain routine records related to work performed.

* Understand and follow oral and written directions.

* Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

* Work cooperatively with others.

* Meet schedules and time lines.

* Observe health and safety regulations.

* Lift heavy objects.

* Observe legal defensive driving practices.


Any combination equivalent to: high school diploma, GED Certificate or demonstrated progress toward obtaining a GED as required by the Kentucky law and two years building and mechanical maintenance or operations experience.


Some positions in this class are required to possess a valid Kentucky driver's license.