Instrumentation & Control Technology Instructor - Tenure Track

Bellingham Technical College Bellingham, WA

Bellingham Technical College invites applications for one full-time, tenure track Instrumentation and Control Technology Instructor. The position reports to the Dean of Professional Technical Education and is anticipated to begin in September, 2018.

BTC is internationally recognized as a leader in the Instrumentation and Control field. Our graduates are employed in a variety of industries including oil refineries, oil and gas production, pulp & paper, electric power generation and distribution, automotive manufacturing and R&D, water treatment, and bio-pharmaceuticals. This program interacts with other programs on campus including Process Technology and Fisheries, and features hands-on labs including Emerson DeltaV DCS systems, digital valve positioners, Programmable Logic Controllers, Human-Machine Interfaces, Ethernet networks, WirelessHART field instruments, protective relays, and other modern instrumentation equipment.

The successful candidate will be expected to establish a successful and supportive learning environment for a diverse college student population with a wide-range of backgrounds and experiences.

The teaching schedule will vary based on student and college needs and is expected to include instructional strategies that use in-person, simulation, and online techniques. Instruction will include practical projects for students in addition to individual labs. Instructors are responsible to plan, teach, and manage student learning in all assigned portions of the program including classroom and lab according to approved course study, state guidelines, program accreditation standards, and advisory committee recommendations. This instructor needs strong positive interpersonal skills, the ability to work closely with other instructors and good computer and internet skills.

Position Duties & Responsibilities

The instructor will:

* Teach first-year (electronics) and second-year (measurement and control) Instrumentation courses as required; instruction will include both classroom theory, individual labs, and practical projects to assist students in developing the knowledge and skills required of instrumentation technicians;

* Effectively deliver, develop, revise, and teach classroom, lab and online curriculum in a team-oriented setting;

* Follow the academic schedule as approved by the Dean; teach assigned courses at the times and dates specified by the academic schedule;

* Apply necessary components of math, human relations, communications, and cultural competence as embedded soft skills in the technical curriculum;

* Develop, plan, implement, and revise new and existing courses, curriculum, and lesson plans as needed;

* Develop and maintain appropriate lab equipment and environment for training;

* Develop and implement measures of program outcomes and effectiveness;

* Keep current with industrial practices and technology;

* Work with local industry representatives;

* Consult with other College faculty and staff on issues relevant to student success.

In addition, responsibilities will include:

* Developing, planning, implementing and maintaining the program budget;

* Advising students;

* Participating in student recruitment activities;

* Monitoring and documenting student performance;

* Working with the program advisory committee;

* Managing and requisition of instructional records, supplies, materials, and equipment;

* Working with industry representatives, program advisory committee, and employers to facilitate job and internship opportunities;

* Participating in campus events;

* Participating in continuing professional development;

* Serving on campus-wide committees;

* Holding office hours;

* Demonstrating a strong commitment to Bellingham Technical College's Mission; contribute to college-wide goals and activities;

* Performing other program responsibilities as required.


Minimum Qualifications:

* A.A.S. degree in Instrumentation and Control or closely related field;

* Two years of full time relevant experience working as an Instrument Technician or in a related industrial instrumentation position;

* Ability to clearly communicate complex concepts and model problem-solving strategies (including troubleshooting of live measurement and control systems) for students;

* Computer skills and use of modern media technologies;

* Ability to work with diverse student populations.

New instructors must complete industrial first aid/CPR and maintain vocational certification as required by the Washington State Law and Bellingham Technical College rules.

Preferred Qualifications:

* Prior teaching or training and/or supervisory experience in the field of industrial instrumentation;

* Demonstrated creative problem-solving and project management experience;

* Experience in teaching with modern media technologies.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities:

The knowledge, skills, and abilities listed below represent the characteristics and performance expectations of the position. Applicants do not necessarily need to enter the position with all of these knowledge, skills, and abilities.


* Knowledge and understanding of electrical circuits, electronic test equipment, process measurement instrumentation, final control elements, and digital control systems;

* Knowledge of current educational teaching methods and strategies;

* Knowledge of institutional accreditation, planning, and continuous quality improvement;

* Knowledge, understanding, support, and commitment to the Bellingham Technical College Mission.


* Strong classroom management skills;

* Excellent curriculum development skills;

* Effective skill in communications and human relations with populations having diverse socio-economic and racial backgrounds and persons with physical and/or learning disabilities;

* Excellent oral and written communication skills;

* Excellent interpersonal and teambuilding skills;

* Excellent collaborative skills;

* Creativity and presentation skills;

* Excellent organizational skills;

* Time management skills;

* Participate in professional development activities to remain current in program field and skills.

Ability to:

* Use educational technology and alternative delivery methods to deliver high-quality instruction (i.e. online, hybrid, and accelerated course formats, course software such as Canvas, video, ITV, etc.);

* Develop strong computer software skills, including MS Office Suite and learning management systems;

* Anticipate and adapt to the dynamically changing arena of post-secondary education, including the ability to perceive opportunity and assist the college in moving in new directions;

* Organize and effectively apply current and various curriculum concepts to a wide range of students with varying backgrounds and abilities and adjust teaching techniques accordingly;

* Assume responsibility; deal effectively with problems, and exercise independent judgment when making decisions;

* Develop and maintain good working relationships with students, colleagues, staff, administrators and other contacts;

* Work effectively with colleagues in an environment that promotes innovation, teaching, learning and service to a diverse student population;

* Work effectively in a participatory governance environment;

* Develop curriculum, including curriculum delivered via different instructional modalities;

* Participate in recruitment and articulation activities with local schools, colleges, and universities;

* Maintain subject matter currency;

* Develop Student Learning Outcomes and to determine their effectiveness in helping students achieve their desired learning outcomes;

* Utilize technology in the delivery of instruction and willingness to explore new technologies for instruction and learning;

* Work effectively with students, colleagues, staff and a community who represent a broad spectrum of ages, abilities, ethnicities, and educational, economic, and cultural backgrounds;

* Demonstrated sensitivity to and understanding of the diverse academic, socioeconomic, cultural, disability, and ethnic backgrounds of community college students and the community at-large;

* Work with business, industry, and other educational institutions, and government agencies to establish partnerships;

* Work closely with Accessibility Resources for students with accommodation needs;

* Maintain absolute confidentiality of student records;

* Work independently and on a flexible schedule;

* Obtain and maintain First Aid and CPR certification.

Supplemental Information

Salary Statement:

Salary range is typically $44,929 to $65,683, for an applicant with minimal levels of teaching and education experience and is based on a typical teaching schedule of 10 months, September through June, 187.5 days. High end of range is $69,942 for those with previous related teaching experience and advanced educational degrees. Final placement is determined according to the current negotiated working agreement and based on an evaluation of work and/or teaching experience. Additional optional compensation may be paid above the 187.5 day contract rate subject to terms of the collective bargaining agreement such as eligibility for an annual $3,100 stipend and extra optional days. This position is also eligible for a generous Washington State insurance and retirement benefits package.

Application Procedures and Deadline:

Required application materials must be submitted on-line at and received by 5 p.m. on August 2, 2018, for priority consideration. Application materials received after this may be considered until the position is filled. More information about Bellingham Technical College is at or contact the Human Resources office at 360 752-8354. BTC is not currently accepting H-1B Visa's.

Required Online Application Materials: (MS Word or PDF file required for attachments)

* Completed BTC on-line Employment Application including supplemental questions;

* Attach current resume;

* Official transcripts of any degrees listed and copies of licenses will be required upon hire, but not as part of the application process.

Interviews are scheduled for August 21 and August 22, 2018.