Software Dev Engineer II, Inc. Bellevue, WA
Amazon is home to millions of sellers, managing hundreds of millions of products worldwide. Our brands and sellers are a critical part of our consumer business and their numbers are growing daily, so we take a lot of pride and care in the tech that powers it all. In order to keep up, our distributed systems should securely process thousands of transactions/second while achieving four nines of availability with sub-second latency across hundreds of services globally and we are always looking to improve. So it is easy to see why our organization aims to raise the quality bar with every release we make. Critical to this effort is ensuring that developers have the right tools to produce exceptional quality code that has been thoroughly tested… and that is where we come in.

Our team has a single mission: To empower engineers to build better code. Our portfolio includes powerful testing services that offer:

* Service mocking tools to help simplify UI, load and integration tests

* A wealth of test data available easily and on demand based on forecasts for developer needs

* Compliant production test accounts that are easily created, thoroughly audited and safely disposed to ensure safe testing on our live environments

These are just some of the pillars our engineers have built that support and are loved by a variety of teams across all of Amazon in their efforts to raise code quality and honestly it is just the start.

We are currently looking for a passionate software engineer to build the next generation of our innovative tools and technologies as we continue to expand our offerings to engineers across Amazon. The right engineer will have a strong hunger for learning and be able to combine strong technical skills with customer obsession to deliver high quality software that benefits Amazon's engineers and ultimately provides a better experience for our customers globally.