Sr .Net Engineer
Makena Partners
 Beaverton, OR
Our client is a locally owned company that’s been in business for over 26 years with great relationships with our clients and a stellar reputation in the Portland community.  They offer flexible work schedules when possible (flexible start and end times, work from home, etc.). They pride themselves on having the highest quality development team possible. 

What we’re looking for?
  • 5+ years related developer experience using Microsoft technologies

  • Experience using modern engineering practices

  • Experience fine tuning data transmissions of large datasets using WCF

  • Experience integrating with PaaS services in AWS or Azure

  • Experience creating web services

  • Strong analytical and problem-solving skills

  • Strong written and oral communication skills

  • SQL adept that can easily traverse undocumented schema with little support

Technical competencies:

  • Azure / AWS 

  • Web Services: WCF / ASMX / Web API

  • Asp.Net and Asp.Net Core

  • NET Framework 4.5+

  • T-SQL, SQL Server 2012



  • Familiarity with .NET Winforms

  • .NET Core 2.1

Some perks:


  • Great staff, willing to assist and help each engineer grow in their profession.

  • Monthly check ins with assigned advisors (Solution Architects) to assist with both technical and consulting questions.

  • Costs covered for any related certifications (including exam prep materials)

  • PluralSight access

  • Safari Books Online

  • Any Udemy class

  • Monthly, hands on “First Friday Tech Happy Hour.” These 1.5-hour workshops are led by seasoned Solution Architects. Last year’s topics covered were:

         - Azure – Networking Setup

         - DevOps/Docker/Containers/Orchestration

         - Hadoop _ HDFS _ HDInsight

         - Docker/Kubernetes

         - SPA Redux

         - Azure – Machine Learning

         - Azure – Service Bus

         - Azure – Serverless (functions)

         - ReactJS

         - Azure – Service Fabric

         - CI/CD with CodeBuild, CodeDeploy, and CodePipeline (AWS)

         - CI/CD in VSTS

Additional perks:


  • 3% 401k Safe Harbor allowance on all dollars earned (whether you contribute or not)

  • 100% paid monthly health coverage premiums for staff member

  • 35% paid monthly health coverage for dependents

  • 100% paid Learning & Development time, certs, courses, etc.

  • 11% Paid Time Off (calculated on every hour worked). For example, if 1880 hours worked, would accrue 200 hours of PTO – equivalent of 3 weeks’ vacation, 8 paid holidays, and 2 sick days per year.

  • Wellness allowance: up to $35/mo.