Utility Construction Contract Specialist

Alliant Energy Beaver Dam, WI
* Provides assistance with defining the scope of a gas and/or electric utility operations project during the preparation of bid documents for buyers and ensures lessons learned from past bids are implemented with all documents.

* Assists with developing performance-based contracts.

* Responsible for training company representatives, contract crews, and functional departments on contract management with contracts that are moderate to complex in nature. Explains the vision, mission, guiding principles, goals, strategies, budget, action plans, and performance measurements required to ensure the most efficient and effective processes.

* Assists with defining the expectations of contract foremen and ensures quality transitions of contracts to project foremen. Acts as a liaison with contractor management. Attends pre- and post-construction project meetings.

* Assists with organizing bid and blanket contractor information and training meetings. Ensures contract representatives and foremen are informed of changes to standards, as-built information, company engineering standards, company work practices, regulatory requirements, opening reports, company policies and procedures, material handling, and billing information.

* Measures contractor performance, providing quality checks as requests, and monitoring interactions with customers. Ensures contractor certification, training and associated requirements are met. Documents and follows up on contractor incidents. Provides analysis and metrics to management for assessment of performance.

* Observes and documents contractor safety, and assists in the enforcement of safety rules and practices for contract crews.

* Supports contractor billing processes by setting up billing information in appropriate systems, auditing billing documents, and interpreting contracts and contract pay items. Ensures material requests for securing bids are submitted and processes for contractor billing system entry are accurate.

* Uses and promotes project management methods and tools to manage activities, scope, and resources to reduce the cost of services and provide efficiency for processes.

* All other duties as assigned.