Sylvan Crossings Beaver Dam, WI
Sylvan Crossings Assisted Living and Memory Care is the number one place to live and work in assisted living in Wisconsin. We are proud to treat our employees as well as we do our residents.

We are currently looking for full-time and part-time staff to work as Caregivers.

We offer a full benefits package at 30 hours per week, including health, dental, PTO, life, long-term disability, flexible spending, and 401k with a generous employer match.

Apply today via this website to learn more. Qualified applicants must be compassionate individuals that work well on a team. No experience is necessary as a full training program is offered. We sincerely thank you for your interest in our home! When you join our team, you will mean so much, to so many.

Position Summary:

Provide personalized care and services to residents, uphold the residence policies and procedures, and ensure the residents rights to safe, prompt, and confidential treatment. Properly assist with/administer scheduled medications to residents in accordance with state regulations and residence policy.

Primary Responsibilities:

Resident Services

Provide quality care and assistance to residents in accordance with the residence philosophy, policy and procedure, and resident rights.

Assist residents in meeting their physical, emotional, spiritual, and medical needs to achieve and maintain their highest level of wellness.

* Promote and protect the residents rights to safe, prompt, and confidential treatment.

* Answer and respond immediately to resident calls.

* Respect the residents right to refuse medication/treatment.

* Protect the residents safety with medications.

* Explain to the resident what medication is being given and why, prior to assisting with/administering the medication.

* Observe the resident for any adverse reaction to the medication and report it to your supervisor immediately.

* Maintain confidentiality of residents records.

* Control the spread of infection by following standard precautions.

* Dispose of infectious and potentially infectious waste according to residence policy and procedure, and OSHA regulations.

* Establish and maintain a good relationship with residents and their families.

* Respond to resident emergencies following proper procedure.

* Carry out all duties properly and effectively as assigned by your supervisor.

* Knowledge Requirements

* Any required resident care training

* Required medication training for medication pass. (not required if not passing meds)

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