Spartan Strong Instructor

Life Time Fitness Baybrook, TX
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Weare looking for Life Time Performers to join our team! Are you a drill sergeantwith heart? Do you have the ability to command and inspire? Are you able toencourage individual and team participation? Can you inspire readiness,stamina, accountability, tenacity and resilience? As a Spartan Strong performerat Life Time you will belong to an elite team of entertaining educators thatpositively change lives every day. Youwill motivate, educate and have a blast, all while promoting healthy living andwell-being. At Life Time, we offer exciting, fun, energizing, safe andintelligently designed classes that deliver results. We offer training, ongoing continuingeducation, professional development support and resources to help you be successfulas a performer. We believe in doing whatmoves you, and taking pride in supporting our community of performers to be thebest they can be! Are you ready to jointhis rapidly growing community? There'sa class waiting for your encouraging voice and bold personality.

Asa Studio Performer with Life Time, you will assist our members by educating,delivering, and connecting them to our industry leading strategy of the Core 3.The power of Core 3 is our unmatched ability to address all areas of ourmembers' health and fitness needs to achieve optimal results.

KNOWIT- Comprehensive Assessments

Education, testing, and technology to help ourmembers' know how their unique bodies work.

(Examples: Lab Testing, Metabolic Assessments,Devices, Activity Monitors, myHealthScore)

NOURISHIT- Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle

Professional advice, products and strategies to fueland enrich our members' healthy way of life.

(Examples: Nutrition Coaching, Nutritional Products,Supplements, Registered Dietitians)

MOVEIT- Customized Workouts

Activities, events, and programs to keep ourmembers' engaged in healthy and entertaining ways.

(Examples: Private Training, Weight Loss, MetabolicCoaching, TEAM Classes, Pilates)

Duties & Responsibilities

* Deliversentertaining, motivational, engaging, safe, educational, and professionalchallenging, athletic workouts using Spartan pancakes.

* Monitorsand instructs participants during classes by educating on correct form andproper intensity

* Setsup an environment that involves individual work- strengthening of body andmind, as well as teamwork.

* Demonstratesa knowledge in heart rate training

* Providesbrand-worthy music ensuring appropriate language

* Developspositive relationships with class participants by leading inspiring,challenging and entertaining classes

* Attentivelylistens to members, answers questions, and engages in conversation before andafter classes

* Providesexcellent customer service by promptly responding to member needs and concerns

* Effectivelydiscusses and explains the benefits of Group Fitness

* BrandAdvocate for Life Time

* AttendsSpartan Strong meetings, trainings, and development / continuing educationworkshops

* Becomesa member of and actively participates in the Spartan Strong online instructorgroup.

* PromoteLife Time programs, products, services and fellow instructors to classparticipants

* Consistentlymeets daily class attendance goals

* Activelyrecruits participants through personal interaction, invitations, and socialmedia announcements

* Properlycompletes and submits incident reports when injuries occur before, during, orafter class

* Complieswith all company safety rules

* Assistsin keeping Studio clean and organized at all times

Education &Experience

* Highschool diploma or GED

* One-yearfitness instructor work experience

* Groupstrength training experience

Licenses /Certifications/ Registrations

* CPR/AED certificationrequired within the first 3 months of hire

* Group ExerciseCertification (preferred but not required)

* National Association of Sports Medicine (NASM)

* American Council of Exercise (ACE)

* American Fitness Aerobic Association (AFAA)

* Canadian Fitness Professionals (CanFitPro)


AllLife Time team members receive:

* ComplimentaryLife Time membership

* Teammember discounts for Life Time products & services

* Teammember discount on select Life Time Athletic Events

* IndustryLeading Education and Training

* EducationProgram to promote professional and financial growth

Additional Full TimeBenefits

* Medical,Dental, and Vision Plan

* 401(k)Retirement Plan

* Industry-leadingEducation and Training

* FlexibleSpending Account – Dependent (day) Care Account

* LevelsEducation Program to promote professional & financial growth


* HourlyClass Pay