Construction Inspector I

Texas Department of Transportation Bastrop, TX
Inspects construction methods and workmanship to ensure contractors build roadways, bridges, traffic signals, airports and related structures in accordance with plans and specifications; acts as consultant regarding work progress and problem resolution; serves as the only inspector on a construction project and assists in overseeing construction inspection activities for very large and complex projects within a district. Lead the work of technical and professional employees as needed. Responsible to a licensed professional engineer who has full authority for approval of all work. Work requires contact with contractors. Employees at this level follow standard practices that do not require frequent supervision of details.


The essential duties for this job include:

* Attends pre-construction meetings and answers questions from contractors and other attendees.

* Calculates payments due contractors for work completed.

* Consults with Project Engineers, resident project representatives and contractors' superintendents on work progress and construction problems; reviews equipment utilization data and time/cost estimates.

* Ensures contractors build roadways, bridges and related highway structures and/or airport improvements in accordance with plans and specifications.

* Monitors project phasing and traffic control plans or airport closure plans and ensures compliance with approved safety standards; inspects barricades; as required moves traffic control devices and barricades.

* Observes and inspects ongoing construction work.

* Prepares monthly and final estimates.

* Documents work progress and issues arising throughout scope of project.

* Performs other job responsibilities as assigned.


The required competencies for this job include:

* Move up to 50 pounds (See essential duties for example of items to be moved.)

* Applicable plans, specifications and estimates preparation, review, processing and compliance requirements

* Construction engineering policies and procedures

* Applicable inspection methods, procedures and techniques

* Applicable surveying procedures, standards and instruments

* Basic traffic management and control procedures

* Reading and interpreting applicable plans, schematics, blueprints and maps

* Performing calculations to include material and labor estimates, expenses, technical survey data and engineering calculations

* Preparing and maintaining confidential and sensitive records, files and reports

* Maintaining a safe working environment


This job requires the following:

* High School Grad or Equivalent in general high school studies.

Work Experience

This job requires the following:

* 4 years in construction Inspection

* (Experience can be satisfied by fulltime or prorated parttime equivalent)

* Related College education or relevant technical training may be substituted for experience on year per year basis.

Licenses and Certifications

The following Licenses and Certifications are required for this job:

* Valid Driver's License at time of application

* Safety Impact Certificate

Safety Impact certification is not required at the time of application. The Safety Impact certification will be issued by TxDOT at the time of hire.

Other Conditions:

This position is Safety Impact and will be subject to random drug testing.

Conditions of Employment

* Safety Impact certifications are not required at the time of application. As required, the Safety Impact certification will be issued by TxDOT at the time of hire.

* Must pass a drug test prior to employment for safety impact positions. Safety impact employees will be subject to additional drug and alcohol testing during employment.

* Required to work weekends and holidays.

* Required to work hours other than 8 to 5.

* Required to work under exposure to inclement weather conditions.

* Required to wear personal protective equipment provided by employer and comply with all safety requirements.

* Other Conditions of Employment:



Resumes and cover letters are not accepted, only online applications are reviewed by TxDOT.

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