Respiratory Therapist - Cont

St Mary's Health System Bangor, ME

Respiratory Care Practitioner – Under the supervision of the Clinical Director, the Respiratory Care Practitioner is responsible for execution of treatment, diagnostic, and monitoring procedures as specified in the Respiratory Care Department Procedure Manual in accordance with physicians' orders and department protocols.



* Two year college (Associate's Degree)

* BLS, ACLS, CRT or RRT credential through the NBRC-National Board for Respiratory Care

* State of Maine Respiratory Care License


* 1-3 years' experience

* Working knowledge of all ventilators and, CPAP and Bi-level equipment, of all medication, oxygen, and aerosol delivery devices associated patient care applications.

* Working knowledge of: arterial blood gas acquisition procedures and ability to perform analysis of ABG samples in the laboratory system, airway management and resuscitation procedures. Chest wall manipulation procedures and associated patient care applications (ex. Chest Physiotherapy, PEP Therapy). Pulse oximetry determination procedures including: oxygen titration studies, home oxygen determination studies, and continuous nighttime studies. Qualifying patients for home oxygen and respiratory care equipment and coordinating equipment setup with durable medical equipment company. Prints patient labels, demographic face sheet, oximetry readings for DME referral paperwork.

* Working knowledge of cleaning, sterilizing and processing respiratory care equipment.

Physical Requirements: Requires up to 12 hour shifts depending on the needs of the department

involving constant balancing, and frequent standing, sitting and walking in an inside environment. Frequent lifting

and carrying items of up to 25 lbs. Lifting items weighing over that will involve lifting using mechanical equipment

or help from others. Patient handling equipment will be utilized for patient repositioning, transfers and lifts.

Must be able to do frequent position changes involving bending, twisting, crouching, squatting, lifting and reaching above the shoulder, and assist with pushing and pulling equipment such as beds, stretchers or wheelchairs. Occasionally crawling, climbing stairs and ladders, or on slippery surfaces, and kneeling may be necessary. Must be physically able to perform CPR. Full range of head and neck flexion and rotation, and frequent use of hands for repetitive motions such as simple and firm grasping and fine manipulation will be necessary. Must be able to work

in an environment where frequent skin exposure to wetness, chemicals and non-ionizing radiation may occur. Rare ionizing radiation exposure may occur. Must be able to wear a lead apron to assist with care during radiology or

surgical procedures as necessary. Frequent use of video display monitors will be necessary. Requires

correctable 20/40 near and far vision, red/green and blue/violet color discrimination, and accurate depth

perception. Hearing must be < 30 dba @ 500hz, 1000hz, 2000hz, and 3000hz in both ears for stethoscope use. Moderate exposure to infections that can cause illness and mortality may occur. Personal protection equipment

such as eyewear, masks, gowns and gloves will be required to be worn frequently.

We are an equal opportunity, affirmative action employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, age, disability status, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, protected veteran status, national origin, genetic information or any legally protected status.