Supervisor of clinical and related servces
Associated Catholic Charities
 Baltimore, MD

Position Description

Job Details


Provides clinical leadership to Villa Maria School and clinical and administrative supervision for school therapists and related services providing clinical services for Villa Maria School students and support to their families. Provides direct clinical supervision to school therapists and related services providers to ensure quality of service and provides administrative oversight to ensure adherence to all internal and external policies and procedures.

Core Competencies:

  • Respects children's and family's rights by recognizing the dignity of each individual and maintaining the confidentiality of all client information.
  • Maintains the environment of care by complying with therapeutic standards, risk management policies, and procedures for maintaining client safety.
  • Contributes to Performance Improvement at the individual, department, and agency levels. Participate in Division Committee and Work Groups.
  • Accurately applies knowledge of treatment approaches appropriate to the physical and developmental age of clients served.
  • Understands and applies policies and procedures for infection control.
  • Attends all required training and in-service courses to meet Family Services standards.


  • Coordinates with the Director of Education and the Assistant Medical Director to develop and implement effective systems and procedures within the program. Identifies and makes recommendations for improvements in the program. Assists in the development of on-going program goals and plans.
  • Under the Supervision of the Assistant Medical Director, provides and documents regular clinical supervision and support to assigned Therapists, School Psychologist and/or Related Services Providers. Reviews cases and documentation to track therapist/provider performance, consults with and advises therapists, makes suggestions for changes in dealing with clients, and makes decisions on changing therapists. Ensures that documentation (treatment plans, progress notes, service coordination etc.) is properly maintained on all clients as required by established policies and procedures.
  • Supports staff by assisting with case management and crisis management if needed. The clinical supervisor may provide therapeutic services to an assigned caseload, may take cases on a temporary basis pending final assignment, or on an emergency basis depending on the needs of the clients.
  • Provides administrative supervision including reviewing and authorizing timesheets, authorizing leave, and hiring, orienting, and completing performance appraisals for assigned staff. Effectively and legally addresses employees job performance or job related problems in a manner that encourages growth and development.
  • Serves as a resource to staff and children in crisis, which at times may include use of restraint, providing support and guidance as well as additional coverage when indicated.
  • Functions as the MA/MSDE liaison during the preparation and conduct of annual audits of related services to ensure compliance with all applicable requirements, and maintains ongoing communication with applicable agencies to ensure Villa Maria obtains information and updates as available.
  • Coordinates with School Placement Supervisor, conducts initial screenings/assessment of day and partnership students to determine appropriateness of placement. Introduces families/guardians to the program. Schedules psychiatric evaluations if necessary and assigns cases to therapists and doctors. Serves as a member of the School Placement Committee to review client status and develop recommendations for class changes, discharge, and requests for additional services.
  • Works in collaboration with Residential Program Directors and Supervisors to ensure clear consistent communication and coordination between the school and residential programs and to coordinate shared supervision of residential school therapists.
  • Maintains contacts with internal and external personnel at a variety of levels. Internal contacts include residential Program Directors regarding the care and treatment of residential day students and the coordination of transfers, Villa Maria and Catholic Charities Accounting departments regarding budget expenses, and Risk Management. The clinical supervisor contacts external agencies and personnel to coordinate services and/or to promote the program within the community. Possible external contacts include funders, other service providers, school administrators, parents/guardians, local area committees or coordinating councils, school boards, insurance companies, DSS, DJJ, child abuse centers, etc. The Supervisor may serve as a member of internal or external treatment teams.
  • Participates in and promotes our Family Provider Partnership in an effort to deliver intensive supports to the families of the children we serve and to engage families in the treatment of their children and in our school program.
  • Performs related duties including but not limited to: serves on committees and workgroups as assigned, may provide training for therapists or families, attends staff meetings, coordinates with department administrative staff and may oversee administrative staff assigned to the program.
  • Participates in and encourages the fostering of a Trauma-informed Culture of Kindness, Respect and Caring within the school environment with students, colleagues, supervisors, and families.
  • Promotes the mission, vision, and values of Family Services and Catholic Charities.
  • Is mindful and respectful of clients' potential trauma history in their interactions and approach to clients and their families.
  • Serve as a TCI Trainer preferred, but not required. Achieve and maintain certification as a Therapeutic Crisis Intervention (TCI) practitioner and demonstrate competence in behavior management.
  • Per the school's guidelines and expectations, learn and utilize with students the elements of Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS), SURF (Safety, Unity, Respect and Fun), and the Zones of Regulation.


Strong desire to make a difference in the lives of children.

LCSW-C and five years post graduate experience with the targeted program population, with a minimum of one year in a position requiring coordination or supervision of program functions or staff.

Advanced training in therapies or programs related directly to the targeted population preferred.

Valid Maryland Driver's license with less three points or less.


  • Requires effective supervisory skills including ability to provide clinical and administrative supervision to staff and to oversee all functions of a program with strict documentation requirements and which is subject to stringent internal and external review related to funding/payments and/or contractual arrangements. Requires effective program management including ability to develop and implement program policies and procedures and to identify and correct areas needing improvement to meet program goals.
  • Requires thorough knowledge of the assessment and treatment of emotionally disabled and/or substance use clients.
  • Requires knowledge of psychological and developmental theory and understanding of organic, developmental, and environmental factors, including the effects of trauma, which contribute to psychopathology.
  • Requires knowledge of a variety of treatment modalities (individual, group, family, and play therapy), trauma informed care, and clinical interventions appropriate to the population served.
  • Requires effective analytical and problem solving skills in identifying client needs and developing plans to address those needs.
  • Requires effective communication and interpersonal skills to supervise treatment staff, to coordinate with outside resources/contacts and to provide thorough, concise and professional oral and written reports.
  • Requires exceptional communication and interpersonal skills in dealing with a variety of clients exhibiting a wide range of treatment needs and diverse backgrounds.
  • Requires thorough knowledge of available community resources and how to access those resources, knowledge of special education procedures when dealing with schools, and knowledge of DSM V diagnostic identifications.
  • Requires thorough knowledge of Maryland's Public Mental Health System and the requirements for authorization and continued review for clients.
  • Requires the ability to utilize computer systems and software necessary to perform position functions. Basic Windows PC, web browsing (i.e. Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.), and Microsoft Outlook skills required. Other Microsoft Office application knowledge such as Word, Excel, Powered Point, Skype, Zoom, and One Drive desired.
  • Successful completion of Therapeutic Crisis Intervention [TCI] Training Program which includes classroom instruction in procedures, techniques, and physical intervention model. Required to demonstrate competence through written examination and verbal demonstration only. Physical ability to perform restraints is preferred.


The responsibilities of this position must be consistently performed using the following behaviors:

  • Honor and respect the Dignity of every person.
  • Encounter each person with Compassion.
  • Act with Humility.
  • Reach out to others in a spirit of Collaboration.
  • Serve with Excellence.
  • Act with Integrity in everything you do.