Supervising Attorney CINA-SUP-AT-JWIL-1711

Legal Aid Bureau
 Baltimore, MD


The Child Advocacay Unit of Maryland Legal Aid, located in Baltimore City, announces a full-time supervising attorney position to qualified applicants.

POLICY AND BASIC FUNCTIONS: The Supervising Attorney is assigned to a unit or office to assist the Chief Attorney in managing the office and/or a specialized unit. The Supervising Attorney is responsible with the Chief Attorney for planning the work of the office/unit, implementing the priorities, assigning work, hiring, supervising and evaluating staff to assure quality legal representation.


1. Responsible for planning and assigning the legal work of the office/unit in consultation with the Chief Attorney.

2. Develop and evaluate strategies to accomplish the work of the office/unit.

3. Handle cases.

4. Responsible for interviewing applicants for employment and effectively recommending employment.

5. Supervise attorneys and legal assistants, and where applicable, managing attorneys and clerical employees.

6. Use discretion in the assignment of cases to attorney(s)/legal assistant(s).

7. Implement a case management system for the persons supervised.

8. Monitor and supervise case handling of persons supervised and direct appropriate action to ensure quality representation.

9. Evaluate the performance of persons supervised and effectively recommend action to the Chief Attorney, Executive Director and Deputy Director.

10. Assist Chief Attorney in developing and maintaining a relationship with the community groups and organizations within the service area.

11. Responsible for training and developing staff.

12. Responsible for exercising discretion in handling personnel matters within the office, and if necessary to effectively recommend action to the Chief Attorney, Executive Director and Deputy Director.

13. Responsible for conducting initial investigation and rendering effective recommendations in matters involving employee discipline, including termination.

14. Responsible, in conjunction with the Chief Attorney or on his/her own for handling and solving employee personnel problems such as grievances, complaints, etc.

15. Filling in for the Chief Attorney and assuming the duties of the Chief Attorney when the Chief Attorney is absent for any reason, including vacation, leave of absence, illness, teaching assignment, etc.

16. Taking other managerial/supervisory action not specifically listed above as determined from time to time by the Executive Director, Deputy Director, and Chief Attorney.

QUALIFICATIONS: Admitted to practice in the State of Maryland, or admitted in another jurisdiction, graduate of an ABA approved law school and eligible for admission in the State of Maryland. Out-of-State attorneys must be able and available to take next scheduled bar exam following date of employment. At least 2 years experience in Legal Services preferred. Must have interest and willingness to participate in management of the Bureau's legal services programs.