MG Social Worker Specialty

The University of Maryland Medical System Baltimore, MD
Job ID: 61827

Area of Interest: Professionals

Location: Baltimore, MD US

Hours of Work: 8a-4p

Job Facility: UMMC Midtown Campus

Employment Type: Full Time

Shift: DAY

What You Will Do:

Main Function:

The social worker, as a member of the interdisciplinary care management team, functions with the goals

of linking patients/clients with appropriate resources, services and opportunities while enhancing the

developmental, problem-solving, and coping capacities of the patient/client population. Provides skilled

interventions for all the support and resolution of patient and family crises, problem solving and decision

making, advocacy and facilitation necessitated by life changing events (adoption, guardianship, abuse

placement, bereavement), mediation of risk factors and coping with disease and disability, and other

psychosocial and or socioeconomic issues. Serves as integral discipline in the indisciplinary care planning

process to facilitate discharge planning process.

Duties and Responsibilities:

I. Quality

* Delivers social work intervention to patients/clients requiring social work intervention as referred by members of the health care team, patient/family, or other interested parties in accordance with Social Work Practice standards.

* Reviews all existing medical/health history and current clinical presentation from the patient/client's medical record and/or from members of the interdisciplinary health care team.

* Participates in utilizing clinical pathways and other tracking tools in patient/client population.

* Completes a timely, accurate and comprehensive social work assessment which entails the following

* mental health status and/or pre-existing mental health problems.

* psychosocial needs or issues

* Activities of daily living

* support systems including family dynamics and potential barriers to planning

* available resources

* Social role functioning

* environmental issues including economic/financial situations and employment statusrelevant cultural and religious factors

* Comprehensively analyzes patient and family situations that will require advanced advocacy.

II. Growth and Financial Functions:

* Supports UMMC Midtown patient care flow initiatives by being proactive in referring patients to appropriate level of care.

* Uses hospital resources with prudence and to their fullest potential.

* Terminates a service when it is no longer needed by or no longer helpful to the client.

* Supports the Case Manager and the team in discharge planning activities.

III. Stewardship:

* Actively supports UMMC Midtown and the department initiatives in maintaining budgeted length of stay.

* Accepts accountability for a thorough placement process from beginning to end.

* Is proactive rather than reactive in the clinical setting.

* Uses hospital resources with prudence.

* Demonstrates support and compliance with UMMC Midtown mission, vision, philosophy, goals and objectives.

IV. Service/Community:

* Demonstrates positive communication and interpersonal skills with all levels of internal and external customers.

* Delivers services in a compassionate, competent and friendly manner and demonstrates value that promotes a professional, well- organized health care delivery system.

* Contributes a positive and energetic voice to the health care team.

* Follows and supports department's Service Level Agreement for success.

* Supports all departmental and UMMC Midtwon programs in supporting the community.

V. Discharge Planning and Interdisciplinary Care Functions:

* Leads/Initiates/Participates as a member of the interdisciplinary team as scheduled in developing the patient's/client's comprehensive plan of care. Contributes to evaluation of the effectiveness of interventions and attainment of positive outcomes.

* Confers with the patient/client, family, patient accounting staff and/or financial counselors regarding application for insurance coverage. Acts as a resource for staff, physicians, patients/clients, and their families.

* Confers with the patient/client, family, patient accounting staff and/or financial counselors regarding application for insurance coverage. Acts as a resource for staff, physicians, patients/clients, and their families.

* Educates in patient/family on advance directives and provides any requested information or materials.

* Identifies community resources (i.e. cancer resources, substance abuse and alcohol treatment programs, AIDS resources, and pharmacy assistance programs) and makes appropriate referrals after collaborating with the physician, care manager and other members of the interdisciplinary care team.

* Arranges and communicates to all the patients/clients, physicians, care managers, and other members of the interdisciplinary care team, the needed discharge services/placement for the patient/client which include but are not limited to home health services, DME needs, nursing home placements (new and returns), group home or shelter placements, and rehabilitation placements .

* Notifies external agencies involved with patient's/client's care in regards to identified discharge date and planning for resumption of services in an effort to ensure continuity of care.

* Initiates and completes referrals to the following agencies: APS, GES, and CPS as appropriate. Initiates and oversees guardianship process on behalf of the patient/client as necessary. Collaborates with all members of the interdisciplinary health care team in locating patient's/client's family members or surrogates.

VI. Documentation:

* Documents appropriately and in accordance with the expected regulatory guidelines such as Social Work Standards of Practice, UMMC Midtown related policies, State requirements for the Medicare and Medicaid, and the JCAHO.

* All referrals to lower level of care must be documented in E-Discharge or as designated by the Care Management Director.

* Referrals for needed outpatient follow up care services upon discharge must be documented in accordance with physician orders. Patient choice of these services will be documented in the patient record.

* On Line Event Reporting. Quality and identified risk issues are to be documented and reported through this mechanism.

VII. People:

* Maintains current and valid competencies, licensure, certification needed in the scope of practice.

* Maintains all mandatory requirements as required by the department and UMMC Midtown timel

VIII. Administrative and Other Duties:

* Obtains the level of care for patient/client population in conjunction with the Care Manager.

* Completes all administrative paper required in the completion of duties such as the Important Message (IM) from Medicare, nursing home contracts and pharmacy needs for un-insured.

IX. Professional Ethics:

* Ensures ethical decisions in performance of social work responsibilities. Follows UMMC Midtown policies in ethical decisions of patient care.

* Maintains strict confidentiality regarding patients, employees and medical staff issues.

What You Need to Be Successful:


* B.S. or M.S.W. degree form a social work program accredited by the Council on Social Work Education and the State of Maryland.


* Preferred 2-3 years of social work practice in the acute care setting.

* Extensive knowledge in the following areas:

* community resources and services and their related costs

* federal and state social service programs

* concepts and techniques of social planning

* social and environmental factors affecting patient/client population

* Strong oral, written, interpersonal and problem-solving skills as well as the ability to work independently with minimal supervision are required. Critical thinking skills required in every dimension of practice.

* Current knowledge of medical/care treatment and JCAHO standards relative to social work practice.

We are an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, color, religion, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, age, or any other characteristic protected by law.

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