Food Runner Phillips Seafood - Baltimore

Phillips Foods, Inc
 Baltimore, MD

Deliver a fresh appetizing product to our guests in a friendly and efficient manner. Our Food Runners “Bridge the gap” between front of the house and back of the house. At all times, Food Runners are expected to communicate with the Management, service staff and kitchen regarding any issues both food and guest related. This is not your average Food Runner position. We strive to provide our guests with a stellar experience each and every time. We expect anyone who comes in contact with our thoughtfully crafted menu to have the knowledge and confidence to answer any guest questions.

Have full menu knowledge and be able to cite specific ingredients in each dish.

Have knowledge of appropriate garnishes and sauces for each plate.

Have full knowledge of table numbers, seat numbers and sections of the restaurant.

Perform final quality check of all plates before delivery.

Deliver all food items to the correct table in a timely manner.

Know pivot points and seat numbers to deliver food without “auctioning” food.

Provide guests with any items they request to complete their meal.

Communicate with service staff/management any requests you cannot provide.

Communicate with kitchen/management regarding any food related issues brought to your attention by the guest.

Complete opening, running and closing side work to specifications.

Communicate with your fellow Food Runners and work together as a team.