Ferry Mate (Regular Full-Time)

Bald Head Island Limited Bald Head Island, NC
Position Summary:

Under general supervision, performs tasks associated with safely transporting passengers to and from the Island via Ferry according to published schedules and approved Customer Service standards. Reports to the Ferry Master in command.

Minimum Compensation: $10.11 to $13.25 hourly.

Essential Functions:

* Prepares vessel before operation by checking fuel and fluid levels; starts engine and records any problems.

* Politely and cheerfully greets and boards passengers on ferry, collects ferry tickets and assists with the loading and unloading of dollies. Assists passengers by checking on them while in transit to ensure their safety and comfort.

* Stands watch as directed by the captain while the ferry is underway. Responds to situations or passenger needs as they arise.

* Secures boat at dock with at least two mooring lines; aligns passenger ramp with vessel and safely chains and secures the ramp to ensure safest loading/unloading of passengers. Stands by the ramp/ferry transition point to assist passengers and preclude accidents.

* Performs basic janitorial functions on the ferry, i.e. pumps out heads, cleans heads and passenger cabin, washes windows, polishes brass, and empties trash cans.

* Prepares trip reports, fuel, maintenance, and time logs for each shift under the direction of the captain.

* Upon completion of shift, assists captain by properly transitioning the ferry to the captain and crew on the following shift.

* After operation, assists the captain by securing the ferry to the dock, performing all after operations maintenance checks, cleaning the ferry and shutting down systems.

* Regularly participates in drills and exercises to meet USCG requirements for Man Overboard, Fire, Abandon Ship, Dewatering, Loss of Steering, Loss of Propulsion, Anchoring, and Security.

Additional Functions:

* Operates vessel under captain's direction and authorization, as needed.

* From time to time, appropriately certified candidates with exemplary performance may be asked to perform the duties of a Relief Master. See certifications and credentials necessary as on file.

* Performs other related work as required.

NOTE: The illustrative examples of work listed above are not an exhaustive list of duties and responsibilities performed by the position. The examples are intended to represent the level and type of work performed. This list is not to be considered or represent an employment contract.