Summer Village Camp Nurse (RN, NP, MD) (Any Language/Summer 2020)
Concordia College
 Bakersfield, CA

Posting Information

Position Title Summer Village Camp Nurse (RN, NP, MD) (Any Language/Summer 2020) Position Type CLV Seasonal - Summer Employment Status Seasonal Number of Months 3 General Employment Period

summer (two to twelve weeks)

General Work Schedule (days of week)

seven days per week

General shift hours

14 – 16 hours, plus overnight residential supervision responsibilities

Minimum Salary Camp Nurse (RN, NP, MD) - starting at $600 per week ; Relief Nurse - starting at $120 per day, plus meals Job Summary/Basic Function


  • Provide nursing care to meet individual health needs of staff and villagers
  • Collaborate with Concordia Language Villages Manager of Health Services & Physicians to meet healthcare needs of staff and villagers
  • Maintain the health records of the Village
  • Follow healthcare policies/procedures as described in the Concordia Language Villages Health Center Manual, working within the Village's Physician Signed Medical Orders & personal scope of practice
  • Complete online orientation for Concordia Language Villages Health Services before assuming the role
  • Provide health education as needed by Concordia Language Villages staff and villagers
  • Supervise Village's Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), Health Center Assistant (HCA) and/or Village First Aider
  • Adapt to constantly changing environment with flexibility and a problem-solving style


Starting at $600 per week, plus room and board. Orientation is equivalent to one week pay.


The relief nurse works on a one-day basis when the in-residence nurse has designated time off and/or assists the Village healthcare team with opening day procedures (The relief nurse's responsibilities are those of the nurse).


Starting at $120 per day, plus meals

General Responsibilities of All Positions:

  • Be familiar with and abide by specific policies set forth in the “Personnel Policies,“ which are designated by Concordia Language Villages administration and individual Village deans.
  • Read and become familiar with the responsibilities for your specific area of assignment.
  • After being provided access to the Staff Handbook and other material from the organization and the Village dean and/or department manager, read all information carefully and thoroughly before arriving to begin your position.
  • For those staff members in a Village: Be advised the entire staff of each Village is under the direction of and is responsible to the dean. While some positions are supervised by other staff, the dean retains ultimate authority and responsibility for the Village.
  • Report to orientation prior to your first session as designated by your employment offer, if applicable.
  • Assist with setting up the Village, preparing for the next session, and maintaining the Village throughout the session or similar tasks if not residing in a Village.
  • Speak the target language with villagers and staff members as much as possible. If hired for a position not requiring target language ability, support the language immersion goals while around villagers.
  • Seek out opportunities to interact with international staff members related to cultural exchange, if a U.S. staff member; if an international exchange visitor, seek out opportunities to interact with U.S. staff members and villagers related to cultural exchange.
  • Live in community living arrangements, assigned according to gender identity. Nearly all positions include living, sleeping and sharing communal bathroom facilities in a unit with villagers (participants); positions that do not include living with villagers do include living with other staff members. This does not apply to non-residential positions.
  • Model standards for behavior and be sensitive to the health and welfare of the villagers.
  • Remain one day after your final session for cleanup, inventory and evaluation of the program, if your position is in a Village.

Minimum Qualifications


  • Registered Nurse (RN), Nurse Practitioner (NP) or Physician (MD) with current Minnesota licensure
  • CPR certified (professional level); experience in First Aid and emergency management
  • Ability to function in an outdoor setting with limited resources
  • Experience in both children and adult illness/injury care; desire to work with children and young adults
  • Community health knowledge
  • Must be comfortable working with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures
  • Work record that demonstrates reliability, dependability, and personal resilience
  • Work record that demonstrates ability to work effectively with others to accomplish tasks in a fast-paced and changeable environment
  • Driver's license and insurable driving record


  • Registered nurse (RN) or LPN with Minnesota license
  • CPR certified; experience in first aid and emergency management
  • Experience in both children and adult illness/injury care; desire to work with children and young adults
  • Community health knowledge
  • Ability to function in an outdoor setting with limited resources


. . . of all positions:

Emotional resiliency and cognitive abilities to carry out job responsibilities, ability to establish and maintain appropriate professional relationships, interpersonal skills to interact effectively with individuals and groups respecting social and cultural diversity and to maintain appropriate boundaries.

. . . of positions related to healthcare (Nurse, Health Center Assistant, Village First Aider):

Ability to lift/assist villagers and staff; read and follow directions on medication labels, health forms, physician orders and parent letters; use a telephone; maintain written record system; quickly get to remote locations on Village property over uneven terrain; observe and assess sanitation and safety conditions of the Village; communicate appropriately with parents, staff and administration about villager health concerns; possess endurance to meet emergency needs.

. . . of positions related to supervision (Assistant Dean, Credit Curriculum Facilitator, Two-week Curriculum Facilitator, Staff Counselor, Waterfront Manager, Head Cook. The following positions may require supervising staff: Business Manager and Nurse)

Ability to train staff; observe staff and villager behavior; see and respond to hazards; work with different age and skill levels; plan, conduct and evaluate designated activities; observe, assess, and coach the work efforts of staff being supervised; use a telephone.

Preferred Qualifications


  • Language ability and cultural assessment skills preferred
  • Camping experience preferred

Position Opening Date 11/08/2019 Position Closing Date Open Until Filled Yes Screening Begins EEO Special Instructions to Applicants

As part of our application process, you must arrange for the submission of TWO reference forms, if

  • you have not previously worked for Concordia Language Villages
  • have not worked for Concordia Language Villages in the past 12 months

Reference providers must be professional references – those who know your work, classroom abilities, or work with children. At least one reference form must be from a current or recent supervisor who knows you in a position of responsibility. The person who makes the hiring decision cannot provide a reference.

You MUST provide an e-mail address for each reference writer. The application system will automatically e-mail your reference writers. Your reference writers will be able to download the reference form and then upload the completed form directly onto our system.

You will be able to track whether we have received the reference form. The process is quick, simple, and confidential.

Note, if you are applying for many positions, you may wish to let your writers know they will receive a request for each position; they may upload the same reference form for each position.

If you cannot provide an e-mail address for your reference writers or provide an incorrect e-address, contact

Log back into this application system to assure that your reference providers have submitted the reference form.