Multimedia Journalist/kget

Nexstar Broadcasting Bakersfield, CA

Position Summary:

The Multimedia Journalist produces, reports, shoots, writes, voices, edits and feeds news production content for all platforms in a manner that is clear, engaging and meaningful to news consumers.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

* Reports news stories for broadcast, describing the background and details of events.

* Arranges interviews with people who can provide information about stories.

* Reviews copy and corrects errors in content, grammar and punctuation, following prescribed editorial style and formatting guidelines.

* Reviews and evaluates notes taken about event aspects in order to isolate pertinent facts and details.

* Determines a story's emphasis, length and format, and organizes material accordingly.

* Researches and analyzes background information related to news stories in order to be able to provide complete and accurate information.

* Gathers information about events through research, interviews, experience or attendance at political, news, sports, artistic, social or other functions.

* Pitches stories to news managers and news producers which are relevant to the local community.

* Receives assignments and evaluates leads and tips to develop story ideas.

* Discusses issues with producers and/or news managers to establish priorities or positions.

* Checks reference materials such as books, news files or public records to obtain relevant facts.

* Revises work to meet editorial approval or to fit time requirements.

* Shoots and edits news events and news reports.

* Produces and presents reports for all platforms.

* Ensures that all content meets company standards for journalistic integrity and production quality.

* Writes stories for the web and other eMedia platforms.

* Interacts with viewers/users on social media sites.

* Performs special projects and other duties as assigned.